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02-10-2016 Cholmondeley Castle, Shooting, Football, Cooking and Climbing

02-10-2016 Cholmondeley Castle, Shooting, Football, Cooking and Climbing

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The boys in Form 1 enjoyed their first mini expedition and had a fab time working together in the Cholmondeley Castle woods.  They all got stuck in, which included eating fish eyes!  There are loads of wonderfully pictures and a report will follow. We are so proud af all the boys!











Form 5 Shooting at Warren Gill

       On Sunday morning the all the fifth form boys left school with Mr. Southall and a gap student to go to Warren Gill shooting ground for a clay day.

When we got there we were organised into groups and each group went out with an instructor to different traps.

Then each group swapped round and we had a go at four different traps throughout the day.

During the day we had little competitions between each other and Edward Parkes was the winner.

It was a good day and the weather was great.

       Edward Parkes and Theo Tomlinson



Climbing Wall Activity

On Sunday morning Mr. Vivian took a group of us on the climbing wall in the sports hall. Throughout the morning we had challenges and we had to climb the wall using certain colour routes. We did races up the wall and the overall winner was Henry Scott, second was George Hankins and third was Freddie Falkingham.

It was a great morning climbing but on the downside we have skinned palms and blistered fingers from such a busy time on the wall.

      Henry Scott and Freddie Falkingham





Football on the Astro

On Sunday afternoon a group of us took part in a football tournament on the astro run by Mrs. MacLelland and one of the gap students.

There were four teams and each team played three games. The final result was dependent on the number of goals scored by each team. The winning team was the green team and they were Wilson, David, Rufus, Nathan, Come and Yatish.

It was a fun afternoon and was great playing football in the sunshine.

        Come Labautiere and Yatish Bhardwaj


Sunday Cooking

On Sunday Mrs. Cross ran a cookery activity in the boys' kitchen.

We made puff pastry fruit tarts and you could choose the fillings from apples, pears and bananas. Firstly we rolled out the pastry and then we put the 'gubbings' on the top. Then we used a mixed fruit jam to make a glaze before we cooked them in the oven until crispy brown.

After that we got to eat them, they were yummy with the exception of Sammy's banana one which looked a bit strange!

                                                                                                                Jenkyn Keigwn and Teddy Cummins










Swimming Gala


Aysgarth 144 v Terrington 98


A very positive start to the season






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