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Biking, Cooking and Ice Cream 03-03-15

Biking, Cooking and Ice Cream 03-03-15

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Mountain Biking in the Rain!

On Sunday after chapel four of us joined Mr. Smith, Mr. Hughes and Mr. and Mrs. Locke to go mountain biking in the Dales. We loaded our bikes into the school trailer and set off, wrapped in warm, waterproof clothes. When we got there we down to Mr. Smith's house for biscuits and juice and then we set off. We did a competition to see who could go down the hill the slowest and who could get up the hill the fastest.  



Oliver Palmer was the fastest up the hill and we were the slowest down the hill. It was a fun afternoon but it was very wet.

Thank you to the teachers who took us.                                                      

Francis Bossier and Felix Lowe

Ice Cream Treat

Forms 1 and 2 on Sunday went to Brymor ice cream factory as a treat. When we got there we looked at all the different flavours and there were fifty to chose from. There was wild cherry, rhubard crumble and lots of other amazing flavours. We had an ice cream and then we went to play in the park. It was a good afternoon and the rain stopped and the sun came out.

George Couttie and  George Hankins



Cricket Nets

On Sunday  morning Mr.Wood  ran a cricket net activity in the sports hall. It was really fun and we got to practise our batting and bowling. We got the bowling machine out and practised our Shots. The sports hall was definitely the best place to be this morning as it was raining very hard.

Caspar Stone and Alex McDonald