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Cholmondeley Castle and lots of shooting! 04-10-15

Cholmondeley Castle and lots of shooting! 04-10-15


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We got to camp after a long journey and saw the awesome tents and fires and even a kitchen in the middle of the woods! The camp teachers were so much fun and played lots of games with us. Predator and capture the lantern were the best! We learned to cook salmon and they asked for volunteers to eat the eyeballs like a Bear Grylls challenge – UGH! But Alfie and Tommy did it without even complaining! We rescued Sister Marshall from a plane crash and slept in a shelter, which was so fun and nobody complained about the cold because we had a fire and warm sleeping bags. We really enjoyed the weekend, it was awesome! Thank you so much to Elliot, Luke,          Steph and Pip for looking after us so well. 



Form 5 at Warren Gill

On Sunday straight after chapel most of the fifth form went to Warren Gill for a day clay pigeon shooting. When we arrived we were given a jacket, a hat and ear defenders and we split up into four groups. We tried then shooting with different types of guns, including twenties and twenty eights.

We then practised shooting using different traps. The hardest trap was the rabbit, as it shot out and rolled across really fast. At the end of each session we had a mini competition within each group. 

         Michael O'Callaghan and Charlie Langford



Range Shooting 

On Sunday afternoon a group of us had a session shooting the rifles in the school shooting range. We were shooting at the competition targets and we used these to score a competition. Henry and Francis were joint winners, scoring 39 each.

It was a good session and Mr. Wood gave us some coaching on how to improve our aim and technique.

                                                                                 Henry Gardiner and Francis Boissier







 U10 A Rugby Team were winners of the Clegg Cup at Barnard Castle School on Wednesday winning the competition for the 2nd year in a row!









Picture of the week

Bas Sanders






Boys 'Sent up for Good' since beging of term

  1. Freddie Strange
  2. Pierce Benson-Blair
  3. Harry Clarkson Webb
  4. George Couttie
  5. Oliver Palmer
  6. Leo Pickersgill
  7. Henry Riley Smith
  8. Mario Beltrame Garcia-Zarza
  9. Willaim Eddleston
  10. Jack Fall
  11. Tom Hollins
  12. George Wood
  13. Oliver Cadogan
  14. Jack Rea
  15. Drake Selby Body
  16. Freddie Falkingham x2
  17. George Hankins