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14th Aysgarthian Run and the Warhammer trip 07/02/2016

14th Aysgarthian Run and the Warhammer trip 07/02/2016

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14th Aysgarthian Run

On Sunday afternoon it was the 14th Aysgarthian run. It was a new course and we had practised the route in our games lessons. It was a muddy and slippy course but everyone still had fun, especially as the rain held off. Lots of people came to run and walk the course, with loads of pet dogs completing the route. 

The winner of the junior competition was Barnie Gawthorpe and the first second former was Rufus Pearce and the first first former was Harry Gawthorpe. The first of the Pre-Prep children was Alice Prudhoe. 

The senior race was three laps of the new course around the valley,  West lodge and up death mile. The course got muddier with each lap and there was some slipping and sliding. The senior race was won by Timmy Clarkson Webb, with Harry Page being the first fourth former back. It was a great afternoon which was finished off with hot chocolate and crumpets and the presentation.

                         Harry Gawthorpe, Barnie Gawthorpe, Kez Selby Boddy, Timmy Clarkson Webb





Warhammer Trip to York

On Sunday morning we left school at nine o'clock, missing chapel and the Aysgarthian run. We arrived in York at about eleven o'clock and we stayed until half past one. During the day we got to look at lots of warhammer stalls and we could play games. We could also buy some warhammer figures, which were models to paint or some ready made ones. 

We had a really good day out and it was loads of fun Thank you Mr Smith!

           Harry Clarkson Webb and Drake Selby Boddy





U9A and U9B versus St Martins Ampleforth

U9A won 8-0

U9B won 6-1












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Harry Bellamy

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Sent up for good

Ben Brown

Tim Clarkson Webb

Kit Codrington

William Jameson

Henry Lunn

William Price

William Wade

George Barnes

Mario Beltrame Garcia-Zarza

Henry Elmhirst x2

Rufus Philpott

Theo Tomlinson

Max Best x2

Henry Gardiner

Monty Hunter

Edward Parkes

Tom Bailey

Rory Brooksbank

Jaime Herrero Bayon

Freddie Murray Wells

Fiola Odusote

Wilf Pybus

Freddie Read

Oliver Stone +3