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Saturday Fun, Cooking and Form 3 Camp 17-05-15

Saturday Fun, Cooking and Form 3 Camp 17-05-15


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Parents and Sons Tennis Tournament

On Sunday morning after chapel Mr. Irwin and a gapper organised the junior parents and sons tennis tournament There were two group stages and then the top of each group played for first and second place. Then the second in each group played against each other to see who would be third and fourth. Then finally the third placed pair in each group played to find out who would be fifth and sixth.

It was a fun afternoon and the weather was kind, making it a warm day, although sometimes the wind made the ball go off in a funny direction. We had picnic lunches on the benches by the tennis courts. 

A special mention must go to Mrs. Read for playing the most matches as she played in two teams, doubling the amount of matches she had to  play.

The overall places were...

  • First place was a draw between Harry Page and Mr. Page and Rufus H-Strickland and Mr. H-Strickland.                        
  • Third place was Freddie Read and Mrs. Read                                                                                                                            
  • Fourth place was Henry Regis and Mrs. Regis.                                                                                                                        
  • Fifth place was Hamish Firth and Mr. Firth                                                                                                                                    
  • Sixth place was Josh Archibald and Mrs. Archibald.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Harry Page and Rufus H-Strickland


3rd Form Camp

On Friday morning all of the third form climbed in three minibuses and set off to the Lowther estate. Mr and Mrs Tomlinson, Dr Canning and the girl gappers came with us

When we got there we went to the lake after we had set up the tents. We all went in the river and Henry and Kit were in the river for so long they needed everybody's towels to warm up.  After that we played some games, including kick the can and cricket. For tea we had a barbeque at the river, which was fun. Then we went back up and got ready for bed and then we sat around telling ghost stories.

The next day we did a six and a half mile walk which took us three and a half hours including having lunch. Then we had tea and told more ghost stories and Mr. Tomlinson told a really long story about a lumberjack.

The last morning we destroyed our shelters and packed everything up. We had cheese and crackers and a coco pop snack bar before setting off home on the buses. We sang all the way home!

Harry Page, Max Falkingham and Tom Whittaker




On Sunday morning Mr. Maitland organised a cooking session in the boys kitchen. We made chocolate chip cookies and cheese straws. We had to weigh out the ingredients and make it all by ourselves. Mr. Maitland only helped with putting the trays of baking in and taking them out of the oven. We even had to do our own washing up!

Once our baking came out of the oven we were allowed to eat the cookies and cheese straws. The cookies were definitely the most tasty.

            Maxim Kondratyev and Will Styles


Picture of the week

Michael O'Callaghan