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Form 1 Surfing, Forms 2 & 3 Adrenaline trip and waterslide for the brave

Form 1 Surfing, Forms 2 & 3 Adrenaline trip and waterslide for the brave


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Form 1 Surfing Trip to Saltburn

On Sunday morning Mr & Mrs Morse took some of the Form 1 boarders over to Saltburn for a surfing lesson. They were lucky to escape the worse of the weather, and even saw some blue sky!









Forms 2 and 3 at Adrenaline

On Sunday morning Mrs. Martin and Mr. Wood took the forms 2 and 3 to Adrenalin near Richmond. When we got there we were given helmets and harnesses to put on. Then we were split into groups and went with the instructors to our first activity. Our first activity was a building block using crates to build a tower. The highest tower we made was seven blocks high. Our second activity was abseiling down a really tall tower. After that we went on the other side of the tower and there was a climbing wall. We took part in races to see who could get to the top first. If you lost the challenge then you had to do a funny dance to the others as a forfeit.

It was good fun and our favourite actvity was the crate building. Next time we want to do the leap of faith!

Tommy Duncombe and Nicko Price


Senior boys brave the waterslide

On Sunday afternoon we all went out and braved the wet and rainy conditions to play on the waterslide. Even though it was slightly chilly we had great fun sliding down the long slide. We played 'catch the tuck' game in which Mr. Barlow throws tuck onto the waterslide and you have to try and catch it. It was good fun and the rain made the slide even slippier and as you went down the slide was very soapy which made it very quick.

Thomas Hollins and Josh Archibald