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Waterslide, Cycling and lots of cricket and ice lollies 22/05/2016

Waterslide, Cycling and lots of cricket and ice lollies 22/05/2016

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Fun in the Sun on the Waterslide!

On Sunday afternoon the whole school had the waterslide activity on the bank of West Lodge pitch. We played human skittles and Mr. Barlow threw tuck for us to catch as we went down the slide.

It was a really fun activity and the weather was perfect. 

  George Couttie and Pierre Minvielle




England v Sri Lanka! No, Barlow's Boom Booms v Chadwick's Champions!

On Sunday afternoon Mr. Barlow and Mr. Chadwick organised two

teams to play a T20 match on main pitch.

The winning team was Mr. Chadwick's

Champions with 132 runs compared to Mr. Barlow's Boom Booms  86 runs.

 Freddie Read was named man of match, batting and keeping well.

             Edward Parkes and Tom Bailey



Under 11 Cricket Blast

At 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon Mr. Bullas and Mr. Morse  took an under 11 cricket match for anyone who wanted to play. It was a 15 over match, played on West Lodge pitch. Tommy Ogden batted very well for his team and scored the winning runs. The winning team was Mr. Bullas' team, scoring 79 runs and two wickets.

It was a fun afternoon and everyone enjoyed it.

     Barnie Gawthorpe, Henry Scott and Harry Morse 










Ready Steady Go!


   On Sunday afternoon Mr. Harmby took a group of us cycling in the valley. It was great fun and we did practise laps and then we did a two lap race. Then the first person  won three pieces of tuck, second place got two pieces of tuck and the person who came third got one piece of tuck. 

The winner was Harry Clarkson Webb, second was Harry Bellamy and third was George Hankins. After that we had a free swim to relax and then at the end of the free swim we did a competition where we put the big floats in a line and then we had to run across them. Whoever ran the furthest won the competition and that was George Couttie.

                         Harry Bellamy and Henry Riley-Smith



Ice Lollies for All












Picture of the week

Thomas Hollins







Sent Up For Good

Wade, William

Couttie, George

Sowunmi, Daniel

Fielden, John

Chafer, Jack

Cavadias, Harry +2

Selby Boddy, Kestrel

Langford, Charles +2

Stone, Oliver

Wood, Barnaby