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26-04-15 Light Water Valley and Beamish

26-04-15 Light Water Valley and Beamish

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On Sunday morning a group of us went in the minibus with Sarah and Sister Marshall to Beamish. When we got there we went to the sweet shop and bought some old fashioned sweets and we got to pick one set out of the jars there was lots of different types and we were also allowed a stick of rock Then we went to the bank and then we went to the dentist and he showed us how everything in his surgery worked. After lunch we went to do a scout activity in the woods. For this we had to light fires and then we cleaned our own water and made our own bread. We got to eat the bread and it was good but it was also quite sweet.  In the afternoon we went on a trail and we had to follow all the clues. At the end of the trail  there was a massive 60st pig!  After the trail we went down the mine then we had ice cream and we all had a ride on the little steam engines we then went to the school. Our Favourite parts were going on the steam engines and lighting fires thank you to Sarah and sister Marshall for taking us.
Wilfred Pybus and Ben Brown 


Lightwater Valley.

        On Sunday morning, straight after chapel, all got onto buses and went to Lightwater Valley theme park. We were really lucky and the sun shone all day. When we got there we  were organised into our friend groups and then we had lunch. After lunch we met the girls from Queen Margaret's. Then we went off to explore and ride on the rides. Most people headed straight for the Ultimate and the queues were not too bad.There were not any new rides at the moment, but there is a new ride being built. It was a really fun day.

 Thank you to all the teachers who took us and Mr. Barlow for organising it.

                                        Ivan Burnell and Timmy Lawson-Tancred