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4th Form Social, Mountain Biking, Junior Tennis Competition and Cooking 07-05-2017

4th Form Social, Mountain Biking, Junior Tennis Competition and Cooking 07-05-2017

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Junior Tennis Tournamant

On Sunday morning our parents arrived for the junior tennis tournament which went on all day. 

It started with each pairing being set into leagues and we played 5 games.  After that the winner of each league played the runners of the other league. This then led to a final with the two winning teams going through. The final was played between Bert Sturgess and Harry Page against Hamish Firth and Mr. Firth. The overall winning team was Team Firth.

It was a fun day and we enjoyed picnics with our parents and families.

                                                                                                                                  Merlin Hotham and Hamish Firth


4th Form at Queen Mary's School

On Sunday afternoon, following lunch most of the fourth form went on a bus to Queen Mary's school. 

When we got there and we met the girls and then we got into mixed groups.

We did three different activities, including a treasure hunt, a rounders game and a quiz.

Then we had an afternoon snack and this was followed by a disco in the main hall.

Then it was time to get on the bus and come home. We had a lovely afternoon and met some lovely girls.

                       Tommy Ogden and Arthur Abitbol


Mountain Biking

After chapel Mr. Hughes and Mr. Chadwick took a group of five boys from forms one, two and three mountain biking up Penn HIll.

We managed to cycle all the way up to the high part and then cycled down again. We cycled over eleven kilometres and it was really good fun. We played King of the mountain and we had to cycle as fast as we could up a part of the hill and as slow as you can on the way down. Harry won this competition and Will came second.

Before we arrived back at school we had ice-creams. The best part was Ernie was able to come with us and he was great company.

                                   Harry Bellamy and Will Styles



On Sunday morning Madam Rich came into school and organised a cookery session in the boys kitchen. We made chocolate fairy cakes. 

She gave us the recipe and then we had to follow and measure out all the ingredients. We then mixed the ingredients and then popped them in the oven. We waited fifteen minutes for them to cook and then they needed to cool before we could ice them and put some m and ms on them.

The best bit was when we were allowed to eat our cakes outside. They were delicious!

               Henry Lane and Teddy Cummins




Picture Of The Week

Elliot Ainscough












Sent Up For Good

Anderson, George

Bailey, Harry

Bailey, Oliver

Bingham, Kit

Brown, Benjamin

Hotham, Merlin

Ito, Yuto

Jameson, Henry +3

Ogden, Thomas +2

McInnes, Montgomery

Price, Nicholas 

Sarabi, Sherwyn

Styles, William

Swan, Jonty

Bhardwaj, Yatish

Hornyold-Strickland< Rufus 

Macdonald of Sleat, Alex +2

Philpott, Rufus

Sirotenko, Bogdan

Shepard, Nathan

Baranovskiy, Stepan

Best, Max

Cummins, Theodore

Gaffaney, Matthew

Gawthorpe, Barnaby +2

Manners, James +2

Lowther, Flynn

Penty, Logan

Selby Boddy, Drake

Vane, William

Stembridge, Harry

Morse, Harry +2

Battersby, George

Bulman, Freddie

Dunning, Edward

Haslam, Jack

Preston, Caedmon

Scott, Henry +2

Stone, Caspar

Trillo, Gustavo

Watson, Bobby

Ibbetson, Oliver