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Football Golf, 7s Rugby, Cricket, Cooking and a Chess Tournament  26/03/2017

Football Golf, 7s Rugby, Cricket, Cooking and a Chess Tournament  26/03/2017

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Football Golf at Camp Hill.


After lunch some teachers took a group of us on a coach to Camp Hill and we played football golf. 

We played in our own groups of four and played nine holes. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine!

It took us about an hour and a quarter toget around the nine holes and we kept score cards.

   Tom Whittaker and Monty Hunter








1st Aysgarthian Knock Out Chess Competition


     Sunday morning was a chess morning with the final being played in the afternoon.We played our games in the dining room and Miss. S. was in charge. 

It was a knock out competition and the final was played between Stephan Baranovskiy and Tom Manners. The eventual winner was Stephan and we all enjoyed playing the chess matches.

       Stephan Baranovskiy and Josh Archibald




Senior Cooking


After chapel Miss Kross ran a cookery group activity in the boys' kitchen. We spent the morning making chocolate crispie cakes with mini Easter eggs on top for decoration.

The best part of the morning was eating our cooking whilst watching the chess competition in the dining room.

 Charlie York and Kit Codrington





Junior Cricket Coaching

   On Sunday after lunch the U11 cricket squad and five other boys from first form had a cricket session in the sports hall with Paul Grayson,who played cricket for Yorkshire. He spent the afternoon coaching us and we focused on catching and throwing drills and the afternoon finished with a couple of matches. It was a valuable afternoon and we learned lots from Paul Grayson and Mr. Chadwick.

  Merlin Hotham and Will Hendrie




Parent and Rugby 7's

On Sunday morning there were three teams made up of parents and staff. There were the whites, the reds and the blacks. 

The red team won all their games and the blacks drew and lost some games and the white team lost every single game with the exception of one draw and one win. 

The teams played each other a few games so there was plenty of rugby to watch.

Freddie Bourne-Arton and 

                                                                                                                                      William Macdonald






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Will Sizer









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Gawthorpe, Harry

Jameson, Henry +2

Keigwin, Jenkyn

Macdonald of Sleat, Alex

Martin, Oliver

Morse, Harry +2

Ogden, Thomas

Penty, William

Price, Nicholas 

Regis, Henry

Sarabi, Sherwyn

Shepard, Nathan

Swan, Jonty

Trillo, Gustavo

Watson, Robert

Williams, Wilson

York, Charles