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A busy Sunday - Form 4 shooting, Form 5 social and cooking

A busy Sunday - Form 4 shooting, Form 5 social and cooking


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Form 5 Social with Queen Mary's

After lunch, on Sunday,  the Year 8 girls came from Queen Mary's and we met in the library. We were split into four groups and then we went to our first activities. The activities were three-legged football, human hungry hippos, pop-lacrosse and card games. The hungry hippos game involved working as a team to roll a team member on a skateboard with a plastic tray and they had to try and scoop as many balls as they could in one scoop. The card games was a relaxed activity, which gave us time to talk to the girls. 

After the four activities we had early tea whilst socialising with the girls. 


Flynn Lowther, Henry Scott and Barnie Gawthorpe



Form 4 shooting at Warren Gill

   After chapel twenty four fourth form boys were split into two groups, one group departed from school at eleven o'clock and the second group set off at half past twelve. 

When we arrived at Warren Gill we were given ear defenders and a cap to wear. We had a brief safety talk and then split into three groups of four, the beginners, the intermediates and those with the most experience. We had an instructor with each group and we practised our shooting at four different clay trap locations. There was a trap that was coming straight over the top, a trap coming across the line and one that came over and then drifted off to the right. This gave us plenty of practice.

We used a 28, 20 and 4-10 bore shotguns. It was a great activity even though the weather was fairly cold! 

Freddie Vaux and Gonzalo Briano




Mrs Wiggins took a group of boys for a cooking activity in the boys kitchen.  We had to lay out all the ingredients, we were given a recipe sheet and we doubled all the original quanities to make more. We made millionaire's shortbread. First we made the shortbread base and while that was cooking we made the caramel sauce. This was the most difficult part as we made it completely from scratch. The final part was to melt the chocolate for the top layer. After it had cooled and the chocolate had set we were allowed to eat it. It was delicious and we got to share it with lots of friends.

Ethan Iu and Edward Ainscough






Picture Of The Week

Barney Todd
















Sent Up For Good

Archibald, Joshua

Bartle, Samuel

Gawthorpe, Barnaby

Hare, Archie

Mountain, Matteo

Rowe, Tyler