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Rugby Tour to Scotland, cooking and plenty more! 29-11-2015

Rugby Tour to Scotland, cooking and plenty more! 29-11-2015

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1st & 2nd Team Rugby Tour to Scotland

On Thursday morning the first and second XV rugby teams travelled to Scotland and played Cargilfield. Both teams were victorious and with Jack Chafer scoring five tries for the 1st XV. 

After the game we went  back to the hotel and after a MacDonalds tea we went to the cinema and watched The hunger games.

The next day we had a tour of the grounds and buildings at Murrayfield. The best part was seeing the changing rooms with all the team names. 

In the afternoon we played games against Ardvreck and the 2nd XV won their game with Charlie Langford scoring two tries. Unfortunately the 1st XV lost their game. After the game we all went to a restaurant and had supper. Saturday started with a shopping trip down the Royal Mile and then travelled back to school. It was a fun tour and we all really enjoyed our trip to Scotland.

                                                Charlie Langford and Jack Chafer




Movie Night

On Saturday night in the middle of the movie the boys had popcorn and ice cream.  This was something the School Council had asked for in this term's meeting and the boys have already asked for the same again next term!









Senior Cooking.

On Sunday morning at 11 o'clock Miss Cross ran a cookery activity in the boys' kitchen. Today we made Christmas cookies. We used butter, flour, eggs and caster suger. Whe they were cooked we decorated them with icing and silver balls.

The best bit was that we got to eat them!

Henry Gardiner and Tom Roe




Junior Cooking

On Sunday afternoon Mrs. Tomlinson organised a cookery activity in the boys' kitchen. It was a festive day in the kitchen, following the seniors cooking Christmas cookies, we baked mince pies!

We made the pastry from scratch, using flour, butter, lard and some water. Then we mixed it to make into bread crumbs and then the water made the pastry ball up. The pastry needed to go in the fridge for fifteen minutes. Then we rolled out the pastry and cut into to go in the tins. We used two different sized cutters, the big one for the bases and the smaller ones to make the lids. Then we filled them with the mincemeat. We used water to glue the lids to the bases and then we put some milk on the top of them. While they were cooking we went to our common room. We really enjoyed eating them although  Maxim said he didn't really like the taste.

                        George Fothergill and Maxim Kondratyev







School Council Food Tasting

Last week Mr. Barlow and Mrs. Morse organised for the school council to have an evening tasting potential puddings for the school menu. Michael the school chef prepared five different puddings and we got to test each one. We then scored each pudding out of five and say yes or no. 

Lots of the school council members liked the peach melba with the cold rice pudding with pears and a cinnimon glaze also being a popular choice. We arehoping that the top two puddings will make an appearance on the school menu.

                  George Fothergill and Henry Gardiner






Charity Group

On Wednesday afternoon the charity went to The Dales Care centre in Bedale. Mrs. Tomlinson took us. When we got there we were given a bingo sheet and a pen. We then joined the ladies and gentlemen to play a game of bingo. There were some different prizes and Yatish won one game and his prze was a hamper of fruit. We were there for about an hour and spent some time talking to the people there. 

                           Wilf Pybus Ted Goodrick





Sent up for good this week

Kit Codrington

William Price

Freddie Strange

William Wade

Wilson Williams

George Barnes

Yatish Bhardwaj

Francis Boissier

Johnny Fielden

Rufus Philpott

Tom Roe

Nathan Shepard

Archie Webb

Max Best

Oliver Cadogan

Henry Gardiner

Tom Bailey

Jaime Herrero Bayon

Michael O'Callaghan

Tom Penty

Freddie Read

Thomas Vaux x3