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Cricket, cooking,  kite flying, waterslide and Grandparents tea party 05/06/2016

Cricket, cooking,  kite flying, waterslide and Grandparents tea party 05/06/2016

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Junior IAPL Cricket Match

     On Sunday at two o'clock Chadwick's Challengers won the toss and chose to bat first. They only scored 114 due to the amazing fielding from Barlow's Boom Booms! Barlow's Boom Booms then batted and scored 115 with one and a half overs to spare. Caspar Stone retired at 20 and due to his great batting skills and the team's fielding skills Barlow's Boom Booms won. The man of the match went to Henry Regis, for scoring the final needed four runs to win and finishing on 20 runs.

                                           Bogdan Sirotenko and Henry Regis




























The Waterslide

 On Sunday the sun came out and so did the waterslide. The slide was put out on West Lodge bank and using hosepipe and washing up liquid the water run was ready. 

We were allowed to go down it three at a time and we had great fun!

     Max Falkingham, Elliot Ainscough and Tom Whittaker







Kite Flying

On Sunday afternoon Sarah took a group of us outside on the yard to build our kites. When we had built our kites we took them up on West Lodge pitch to try and fly them. The wind was ok but we had to run sometimes to get them up into the sky. We had great fun and we hope that we will keep our kites.

    Leo Pickersgill, Maxim Kondratiev and Sam Bartle




Cooking Club for the Scholarship Boys

     After chapel the scholars and Madame Pearson all had a cooking activity where we all cooked a three course meal which we then ate for lunch.  For starter we made a tomato tarte tatin with caramelised onions and goats cheese. 

For our main course we had chicken a le creme with salad. Then for pudding we had a wonderful pavlova courtesy of Bas Sanders.

It was lovely to sit in the sunshine and eat our lunch which was delicious and we spent most of the afternoon sleeping it off.

          William Jameson and BIlly Manners


Grandparents Day

  On Friday afternoon lots of our grandparents came to school for a concert and tea, with a tour around the school. The afternoon started with a music concert in the Reynold's hall. Then the seniors went for tea with their grandparents in the dining room while the junior boys took their grandparents on a tour of the school. After that they swapped over and the afternoon ended with us saying goodbye as our grandparents left and we had tea.

                William Jameson






Old Boys Cricket Match



On Saturday afternoon at 2pm last year's leavers came back to play a match against the first team on main pitch. The leavers won the toss and they decided to bat first. The scored 127 from twenty overs. We then went into bat and we scored 128 runs with nine balls to spare.

It was a great afternoon and nice to see some old familiar faces visiting the school.

         Freddie Read and George Barnes









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Freddie Cater







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