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Free time at Aysgarth can be a dream – the boys are together with their friends with acres of grounds and wonderful facilities at their disposal. Every weekday evening, there are organised activities run by the staff and a boy can choose from many different options.
On Sundays, there is a range of activities including outings, sports, creative and musical hobbies. The boys have busy days, and it is important to allow them time when they can relax. There are five common rooms where they can gather with their age groups; each has a television dvd player and games for them to play, such as pool and table football.
Below is the activity programme for the Autumn term. Boys choose their activities themselves at the start of the term.
Junior swim training
Water Polo
Lantern Making
Cooking (6:30-7:30)
Rugby 7s
Art Gymnastics
Meat Appreciation Society
Play rehearsals (6:00-7:45) Campcraft (before half term)
Junior cricket nets Climbing
Fly tying 2nd ½ Term
Music theory (6:30-7:05)
Air fix (after half term)
Harrow/Uppingham English Assessment Preparation Nitro Car kits 5’s and 3’s Maths Game Tennis lessons TBC
Word/Parlour Games Board Games U11A cricket nets Archery Backgammon & Scrabble
Astro football Greek   Aussie Rules  
Senior swim training Water Polo Lantern Making Music Composition TBC
French oral practice Gymnastics Meat Appreciation Society Tennis lessons English Scholarship Group
Art Climbing Fly tying Chess/Board games Rugby 7s
1st XI cricket nets Nitro Car kits Senior Maths Club Archery Air fix (after half term)
Word/Parlour Games Greek Senior cricket nets Aussie Rules  
RM Scholars group by invitation