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Archeology at Jorvik Viking Centre

Archeology at Jorvik Viking Centre

Dear All,

Once again we are in the thick of a very busy week with trips and matches a plenty! 

As we look forwards, our focus next week will be Harvest Festival and the Harry Potter Book Week.

The Book Week events will culminate with a Harry Potter Day on Thursday 13th and please may I remind all children to wear an appropriate costume on that day.

On a totally unrelated note, please may we ask that you drive safely through the village and school grounds, both on your way to and from school.

Finally, as we move towards half term, you may wish to take note of the forthcoming Parent-Teacher meetings which will take place during the week after half term.  Booking sheets will be on display on the notice board outside the Pre-Prep office.


With all best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse


Pre-Prep had a lovely surprise last week when Miss Phillips brought a new little Aysgarthian for her first visit!  Elizabeth born at the end of July and is doing very well.  Elizabeth enjoyed her visit to Pre-Prep; she was very well behaved and managed to sleep through most of the attention and excitement.






PP1 have enjoyed learning about the value of different coins using the till and a ‘chip ’n’ pin card too!

They have bought pens, paper, toys and are now starting to write shopping lists and work out totals.  They are also very patient when checkout operator has a long queue!





U8 Tag– Rugby Report

The Under 8s headed to Ampleforth for their first tag rugby match for Aysgarth last week. Two mixed ability teams played against Ampleforth and Scarborough College. The boys tried extremely hard and a huge number of tries were scored during the afternoon.

The boys are loving their rugby and are clearly making very good progress.

Mr MacLelland



PP2’s Lighthouse Study

The children have continued their study of lighthouses across a range of subjects. 

During literacy they have created a set and puppets to perform a play of the ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.  The children recorded their ‘Oscar worthy’ film on the ipad—do ask Mrs Barlow for a private,  pre-general release,  screening of their movie if you have a moment.

In science the children have been researching electricity and have used their knowledge to create their own solar powered working lighthouses.


PP3’s visit to Jorvik

PP3 enjoyed a marvellous day out at the Jorvik Viking Centre earlier this week. 

The children loved excavating relics which ranged from Roman mosaics to Victorian chamber pots.  They also acted as archaeologists and sorted an array of artefacts.  The afternoon was spent at St Mary’s, learning about Roman coin forging and we visiting a Viking house (without the aromas!).  

We will use what we have learnt as we continue to study the Vikings.




After reading the story of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle and Mrs Wishy-Washy Reception set about a little laundry work.  They washed, rinsed and dried the dolls clothes.  There were lots of questions such as: What makes the bubbles and where does the water go?  It was hard work but all that  rubbing, squeezing and wringing strengthened our hands and fingers.  We also
received a letter from Mrs Wishy-Washy telling us she’d lost some socks off the  washing line.  We found lots of socks in the garden and matched and counted 13 pairs!


Reception and Nursery have been practicing re-telling the traditional story of the Little Red Hen in preparation for the harvest festival.  We have made wooden spoon puppets to help us tell our tale.

In the Nursery we have created a fantastic display of all our paper plate ‘little red hens.’  Do please come in to take a look.








Outdoor Explorers

Reception set off to look for some hedgehog houses and some hens.  We saw some hens at Mrs Gaven’s house and some very noisy geese.  We didn’t find any hedgehogs, but something else prickly—conker shells!  We collected lots of shiny conkers and used them for counting, weighing and making patterns.








Nursery Adventures

We went on a walk around the school grounds to see how many different shapes we could find. 

We met Mrs Morse and some Prep School boys who helped us identify lots of interesting shapes.