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Aygarth School Celebrates Sport and Academic Glory

Aygarth School Celebrates Sport and Academic Glory

Aysgarth School is delighted to announce that four of its 12-13 year olds have won awards to their chosen senior schools.


Christian Totty was awarded a scholarship to Uppingham after convincing them of his sporting prowess. He has a number of accolades under his belt at Aysgarth including top try scorer for the 1st XV, captain of swimming and member of the 1st XI football and 2nd XI cricket.


Barnard Castle recognised George Southall’s sports abilities with an exhibition. George Southall has excelled at sport in the school from playing prop for the 1st XV rugby team, a valuable member of the 1st XI football team and also 2nd XI cricket.


Alex Bowman put on an impressive display for Shrewsbury School to award him a Design & Technology exhibition. It is the first such award to be won by an Aysgarthian boy.


Cheltenham College recognised Theo Kace as an all-rounder by awarding him an exhibition for Art, Music, Drama and Sport.


Anthony Goddard, Headmaster at Aysgarth School, said:

“Competition for academic and sports awards is extremely fierce.  Christian, George, Alex and Theo should be commended on their outstanding efforts in securing these awards. We are extremely proud of them.”


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