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Aysgarth Sports


Every child in the School participates in Athletics during the Summer term at least once a week either in PE or in games time. Teams from all age groups compete in Inter-House Athletics giving all children the opportunity to compete.


Cricket is the major summer game. Aysgarth Prep School is generally considered to produce one of the strongest 1st XI’s in the north and Scotland and are regularly successful on their annual tour in the south. In recent times, more and more games for all pupils have been arranged. The School currently has a total of 11 sides. Indoor winter coaching sessions are arranged where possible and in the Autumn and Spring terms there are cricket ‘club' activities for all age groups. The School also makes excellent use of its bowling machines. Over the years, many school players have represented county sides (mainly Yorkshire and North Yorkshire) at U13, U12 and U11 age groups.


Our Cross-Country season runs over two terms and we have teams at U9, U11 and U13. We participate in at least three inter school competitions every year and every pupil participates in Inter-House Cross-Country. The facilities on site include extensive playing fields with countryside alongside giving a variety of training and racing options. One of the highlights of the cross-country year is ‘The Aysgarthian’ where pupils, parents and pets all participate on a magical day in the school grounds.


Football is the main game at Aysgarth in the Spring term. We run teams at every age group and every boy will represent the School in a competitive match. The School also hosts a very well supported ‘Spirit of Soccer’ competition each year at both U11 and U13 age groups for the boys who sometimes struggle to make school teams.


Golf tuition takes place during the summer term on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The School has exclusive use of Akebar Park driving range on these evenings and pupils are also taken on to the 9 and 18 hole golf course to harness their skills.


Hockey is played during the Autumn and Spring terms using the school Astroturf. In Form 3 all pupils receive a six week block introducing them to Hockey. Matches are played towards the end of the spring term for those who are not involved in rugby sevens.

Martial Arts

A highly experienced Judo coach comes to the School once a week and trains the children in our hall during the evening activity programme. They are introduced to the sport learning the basic techniques of Judo with all pupils then progressing trying to achieve the highest standard of belt that they possibly can. Pupils also get the chance to represent the School in Judo in external matches.


Aysgarth is generally considered to produce one of the strongest 1st XV’s in the north and Scotland. We introduce rugby to our seven year old boys (PP3) in a sensible and controlled way ensuring maximum safety and enjoyment. They are then coached up through the age ranges until they reach Form 5 where they are able to demonstrate their skills to a quite remarkable degree of excellence.

We field two U9 teams, three U11 teams and four teams at U13 level. So the majority of boys can, if they so wish, represent Aysgarth Preparatory School on the rugby field.

During the Spring Term we play seven-a-side rugby at U11 and U13 age levels. Here again we have achieved great success in recent times winning competitions in the North in both age groups and we also take the U13 team to the National Schools Sevens competition at Rosslyn Park.


Sailing takes place in the summer term at Aysgarth. Once a week pupils are taken to Thornton Steward reservoir where they are put through their paces by YSA instructors. The activity is open to pupils of all abilities, many who start as complete beginners. In recent times one of our most promising sailors was awarded a sailing scholarship to Milton Abbey. Each year we run an Inter House Sailing Regatta as well as entering our sailing team into the Annual Prep Schools Regatta at Sedbergh.


Our swimming season runs over two terms and we have teams at U9, U11 and U13. We participate in at least three inter school competitions every year and also every pupil participates in Inter-House Cross-Country. Swimming training takes place on a Monday evening but all pupils in Forms 1,2 and 3 will receive 10 weeks of swimming tuition during timetabled PE time every year in the hope that we can lay a solid foundation in water not just for the present but for life.


Students of all standards have the chance to participate in individual tennis lessons during the course of the Summer term. On site we have three Astro Courts all of which are floodlit.