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Aysgarth boys shine in LAMDA exams

Aysgarth boys shine in LAMDA exams

Aysgarth School is celebrating the success of over 30 of its boys in this year’s LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exams. In June, boys from Forms 2-5 took exams in either acting or speaking of Verse and Prose and not only achieved 100% success rate but were awarded 26 distinctions and eight merits.

LAMDA is one of the leading drama schools in the world and conducts the most eminent set of public examinations in speech and drama. This year, Aysgarth had a record number of its boys put forward for the exams with over 20% of the school taking part. The boys were either assessed on their acting or speaking of Verse and Prose varying from Grade One to Grade Five.

For the acting exam the boys prepared two very different monologues and had to demonstrate understanding of what they were speaking and use of space to complement their performance. External examiners questioned them on all aspects of the performance,  exploring style, form, character, subtext and the boys had to also demonstrate skills in voice, diction and movement.

The speaking Verse and Prose exam is designed to test pupils’ skills in verse speaking. The boys performed two verse selections from memory, audibly and clearly. They had to demonstrate they were engaging imaginatively with the thought, emotion, style and form of the text and demonstrate skills in voice, diction and posture. In addition they were assessed on their knowledge of the chosen texts discussing elements such as mood, literary devices and rhythm.

Tamsin Locke, Head of Drama at Aysgarth School said:

“I am thrilled by the outstanding results this year and delighted that all the hardwork and commitment shown by the boys throughout the year has paid off. It has been a record year for numbers and results. Performing Arts is an important part of the broad curriculum at Aysgarth. It is crucial in building self-confidence, improving communication skills and developing strong social skills. It also works hand-in-hand with academic parts of the curriculum such as English Language and Literature.”


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