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Aysgarth victorious in rugby sevens tournaments

Aysgarth victorious in rugby sevens tournaments

Aysgarth victorious in rugby sevens tournaments

Determination and grit shown by Aysgarth’s U11s and U13s rugby seven teams pays off as both claim victory in Durham and Ampleforth respectively.

Durham Sevens: U11s

After a disappointing performance at Terrington the previous week, the U11s travelled to Durham in March optimistic that they could represent themselves more forcefully during this final opportunity to play together as U11s.

The opening encounter was a tepid affair against Dame Allan’s School. Despite lacking cohesion in play, at the final whistle Aysgarth found itself 28-0 victors. Local rivals Cundall Manor were the next opponents, fluid, expansive play proved elusive and it became a game of attrition and physical dominance. Twice Aysgarth led and twice Cundall replied, it was with considerable relief when the referee brought matters to a conclusion and Aysgarth held a narrow 19-14 lead.

St Martin’s, Ampleforth stood between Aysgarth and an unbeaten group stage, and the team

swiftly found its stride and took a commanding lead. The final margin of 52-0 reflected the dominance of the Aysgarth performance and also bolstered the confidence of the team ahead of the knockout stage.

The semi final against Terrington saw Aysgarth exploiting the width of the pitch, carrying the ball confidently, utilising their pace and running their opponents ragged. Aysgarth won the encounter 38-5 and secured a place in the final.

As expected, Mowden Hall faced the team in the final of the tournament. Early possession was passed along the back line and nerves evaporated as the boys set about the task in hand. A monumental arcing run, allowed Aysgarth to launch a scintillating attack which was finished adroitly in the right corner, securing an early advantage. This fine opening was further enhanced by another converted try which provided a little breathing space between the scores. The second half matched the first for effort, technique and desire. With a final scoreline of 28-21, the team had accomplished their goal.


Aysgarth 28 v 0 Dame Allan’s

Aysgarth 19 v 14 Cundall Manor

Aysgarth 52 v 0 St Martin’s Ampleforth

Aysgarth 38 v 5 Terrington

Aysgarth 28 v 21 Mowden Hall

Ampleforth Sevens: U13s

In February, Aysgarth took the crown for the third time in four years at this tournament.

Getting off to a slow start in the morning, the team gained in confidence as the day wore on. The early matches were a shadow of the side who finished the XV a side season at the end of last term struggling to control possession and making far too many unforced errors.

A lunch break could not have come at a better time. After regrouping and chatting through the mornings play, the team finally hit their straps and played with a much greater intensity and confidence in both defence and attack during the final two games.

It was a very positive start to the 2015 campaign.


Aysgarth 12 v 12 Cundall Manor

Aysgarth 17 v 12 Mowden Hall

Aysgarth 27 v 0 St Anselm's

Aysgarth 24 v 12 Terrington

Aysgarth 32 v 0 St Martin's Ampleforth

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