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Bonfire Night, Cooking, Forms 1,2,3 at Low Mill Canoeing, Gorge Walking and Caving

Bonfire Night, Cooking, Forms 1,2,3 at Low Mill Canoeing, Gorge Walking and Caving


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Gorge Walking

On Sunday afternoon we went on a gorge walking trip to Low Mill. When we arrived we were given suits and helmets and once we were suitably dressed they took us in a mini bus to the gorge. 

Once off the bus we were given a safety talk and rules to stick to, including always staying behind the leader and in front ofthe person bringing up the rear.

Then we got into the water and we swam in little pools underneath the waterfall. After we were given a rope to attach to our harness before climbing up the waterfall. There were lots of obstacles that we had to either climb over or scramble under, such as logs and rocks. Then we found a pool by the waterfall and we had to try and tough the white water. It was freezing cold but amazing fun!

Tommy Duncombe and Nicko Price


Sunday afternoon saw a group of us head to Low MIll for a caving activity. When we got there were we given special suits and helmets with head torches on the front. We then had a short journey from the centre to the caves. We had to walk across the grass to find a hole that was as big as the minibus. Then we went into the big hole and then into a very small cave which was so small we could not even stand up. We crawled along on our hands and knees and then we explored some of the different passage ways. There was also lots of really deep puddles and we did get wet. At one point we sat in a cave and we all turned our lights off. It  was so dark, the darkest place on Earth.

It was an exciting activity but also there were moments when it was quite scary!

Alfie Couttie and Humphrey Hinchliffe



Sunday was an activity afternoon with some of us having the opportunity to have a go at canoeing. 

When we arrived at the centre we were given buoyancy aidsand water tight jackets. Then we were taken to a lake and we got into groups of three and given a canadian canoe with paddles. We were set different challenges, the easiest being the one star challenge which was  to go forward in a straight line and the hardest was the five star challenge which was to paddle somewhere around the lake and park the canoe. The five star challenge was also a race. At the end poor Theo fell in accidently and Henry tripped over trying to grab another canoe. It was a funny afternoon with lots of laughter and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Henry Hollins and Oliver Quinn

4th Form Cooking

Madam Rich took a group of us for a cooking activity. There were eight of us who worked in the boys kitchen making chocolate fairy cakes. Madam Rich gave us the recipe card and the ingredients and then she set us the challenge of making them by ourselves. We worked in groups of two and had great weighing out the ingredients and in particularly the sugar! 

Once we had made the mixture we spooned it into cases and baked them in the oven. Once they had cooled we were allowed to ice them...more sugar!

We even got to put M&Ms on the top. They were delicious!

Hamish Firth and Harry Scott


Bonfire Night

Saturday night was our bonfire party. It was a very cold evening but the yummy sausages and hot chocolate kept us warm. The fireworks were amazing and the bagpipes played as the bonfire was lit. It was a great evening.






Sent Up For Good 

Couttie, Alfred

Bland, Thomas

McInnes, Montgomery

Pickersgill, Leo

Styles, William

Watson, Robert

Jameson, Henry

Fielden, John

Hollins, Henry

Marshall, William +2

Sanz Carrio, Pablo

Cummins, Theodore

Garcia de Santiago, Iñigo

Gawthorpe, Harry

Keigwin, Jenkyn

Manners, James +2

Sizer, Alexander

Kondratyev, Maxim

Battersby, George

Ibbetson, Oliver

Mortimer, Thomas

Rowe, Tyler

Scott, Henry

Todd, Barnaby