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16-10-2016 Book Week and Flamingo Land

16-10-2016 Book Week and Flamingo Land

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Whole School trip to Flamingo Land

On Sunday the whole school went to Flamingo Land for a day on the rides.  We love taking Mr Barlow because he hates the rides and gets scared on even the slowest Rollercoaster!   We all had a great time because there were no queues so we got to go on all the rides loads of times.  The sun even came out later in the afternoon.  A fab day had by all, except Mr Barlow who did manage two rides before his legs went!



Harry Potter Day

This week we had a Harry Potter day; to say it was magical would be an understatement!  We all dressed up as members of Gryffindor House with a few evil Slytherins around!  We even had Hagrid (Mr Wood), Snape (Mr Southall), Dumbledore (Mr Morse), Mrs McGonagall (Mrs Morse) and he who should not be mentioned (Mr Irwin).  The dining room had floating candles, we played Quidditch in the afternoon with a Golden Snitch!

It was so much fun that we want to do every year!




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Boys Sent Up For Good

Will Penty

Ben Loughran