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Boys inspired by 'The Volunteer' lecture

Boys inspired by 'The Volunteer' lecture

On Wednesday 7th October, we were fortunate indeed to welcome Hugo Chittenden, who is known as ‘The Volunteer’, to Aysgarth. Following a near fatal illness at the age of 31, Hugo gave up his career in the city and decided to transform his life by dedicating himself to helping raise awareness, funding and support for charities and projects overseas. He has since become known as The Volunteer, volunteering and documenting projects for causes across the globe.

Hugo gave an inspirational talk to the whole school which, without any doubt, fuelled the boys’ imaginations and kept them fully engaged throughout. Hugo spoke clearly and at exactly the right level, giving the boys an insight into some of the places around the world he has been to that have suffered disasters and projects he has been involved with. It included projects such as building a medical clinic and community centre in Kibera, Kenya, which is one of the biggest slums in the world with over 250,000 people. He also helped train, support and rebuild devastated communities in Haiti still suffering from the earthquake and cholera epidemic of 2010.

Hugo’s talk has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the boys. He encouraged everyone to think about how to include volunteering in our lives to support causes and communities that are important to us.  He gave plenty of examples of how every boy in the school could help. Indeed the last video clip of the boomerang effect was particularly moving and brought tears to some boys’ eyes.

For further information about his inspirational work, click here to visit Hugo’s website.

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