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Camping, Tennis, Horse Riding and a Disco with the Girls 15/05/2016

Camping, Tennis, Horse Riding and a Disco with the Girls 15/05/2016

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Form Three Camp

On Friday afternoon all of the third form and Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson, Dr. Canning, Sister Marshall, Mr. Ryan and Mr. Sweetlove set off on our camping trip. We went to The Lowther's estate in Cumbria. When we arrived we set up the tents and unpacked all the kit.

Once we were set up we split up into our tent groups and then we went to the river. At the river we went swimming and made a dam in the river. Then we built camp fires and played football.

On Saturday we took a ferry on Ullswater and it took us down the lake and then we did a six and a half mile walk back to the buses. Then we had ice cream and travelled back to the camp. Sister Marshall and Dr. Canning cooked us burgers for tea. On Saturday night we sat in the lodge and Mr. Tomlinson told ghost stories.

When we got up on Sunday morning we packed up the tents and loaded up the buses and then we set off home. 

The best bit of the whole weekend was playing in the river. We were very lucky with the weather which was sunny but it was very cold at night time.

                                              George Wood and Oliver Martin


Horse Riding at Swinton

   On Sunday after lunch  Mrs. Ogden took two groups of boys to Swinton Park to go pony trekking. The first group went for a walk on the ponies in the woods and hacked along a path.

The second group walked, trotted and cantered across fields. It was a fun afternoon and the weather was lovely. Everyone really enjoyed it and we hope that we can go again.


               Henry Lunn and Wilf Pybus




Parent & Son Senior Tennis



On Sunday morning, after chapel Mr. Irwin and two gappers organised a tennis tournament for the senior boys with their parents. The tournament was organised into six groups of four pairs. Each pair played three matches in their league. There were four games in each match, so that everyone served. The winners of each group progressed into a playoff. There were  six pairs that went forward were Freddie Read and Mr. Read, Gabriel Yankov and Kit Codrington, Ben Hart and Mr. Hart, Henry Elmhurst and Mr. Elmhurst, Harry Page and Mr. Page and Edward Parkes and Mr. Parkes. The three finalists were Freddie Read and Mr. Read, Harry Page and Mr. Page and Henry Elmhurst and Mr. Elmhurst. These three  pairings played a round robin and the final winners were Harry Page and Mr. Page. 

During the day we all enjoyed a picnic with our families and the sun shone and the weather was lovely.


                             Harry Page and Freddie Read



Forms 4 & 5 Disco with the Girls


     On Saturday evening at half past six the Queen Margaret girls arrived. We then had a barbeque with the girls.

After the barbeque we had a disco in the Reynold's hall and we could choose all the songs. We all danced and jumped about. 

During the evening there were snacks and nibbles and lemonade. 

At nine o'clock we said goodbye to the girls and they departed on their bus.

It was a fun evening and we got to make lots of new friends.


               Harry Page and Freddie Read





Picture Of The Week

Lino Prints by

Willaim Jameson and Seb Vanhoonacker














Sent Up For Good

Wade, William

Regis, Henry

Lunn, Henry

Martin, Oliver

Martin, Samuel

Jameson, Henry

Ogden, Thomas

Archibald, Josh

Bellamy, Harry +2

Bhardwaj, Yatish

Chafer, Jack

Fielden, John

Hollins, Henry +2

Sirotenko, Bogdan

Webb Archie

Cadogan, Oliver    

Fothergill, George

Gaffaney, Matthew

Gawthorpe, Barnaby

Manners, James

Lowther, Flynn

Quinn, Oliver +2

Wallace, William  +2

Selby Boddy, Kes

Bailey, Thomas

Bulman, Freddie

Hope Barton, Arthur

Scott, Henry +2

Wood, Barnaby

Vaux, Thomas +2

Morse, Harry +2

O'Callaghan, Michael

Preston, Caedmon

Sturgess, Bertrand

Stone, Oliver