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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Dear All,
This week is 'National Story Telling Week' and the Pre Prep teachers have been using this as a focus for the children's learning. It is also a perfect opportunity for us to thank you for the time you put into reading with your own children. This is fundamental in helping them to build their reading skills but is also a delightful opportunity for you to share a story with your children. I am reminded of some sage advice proffered by a wise old teacher in a previous school who, in response to my question about the never ending stream of reading scheme books we worked through with our daughter, suggested that I likened my children's reading to learning a musical instrument. The reading scheme is akin to the scales and arpeggios, which in both cases, builds and develops essential skills and confidence. These then allow you to sit down and play your favourite piece of music or in the case of reading, pick up a book of your choice to get lost in. Just as you may enjoy a piece of music together as a family I encourage you to share a love of reading and the joy that be found in a good book, I know that as a parent I remember those bedtime stories with great fondness.
Happy reading!

With best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse



Nursery have been learning about Chinese New Year celebrations this week.  The classroom has been decorated and there have been some delicious smells of stir fry and egg fried rice wafting from the kitchen.  They have even found time to work on their IT skills with Chinese themed 
computer programs.
Finger strength and flexibility was developed with some chop-stick games.











Reception has continued to be very 
excited by the space theme this week, 
especially the idea of ‘aliens’!  We have made our own aliens using 2D shapes, learning their names and properties.  
We also collected some sticks outdoors and have used them to make 2D shapes, and even a big stick rocket!



A Dragon Hunt!

PP1 and PP2 went on a Dragon Hunt this week inspired by the children’s story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.
They explored the school grounds, even venturing down into the cellars where they found ... a dragon!  They then raced all the way back to the safety of Pre-Prep!
They used their adventure to inspire their own story maps and creative writing.


Archie MacLelland's story map


Serena Hudson's writing


Science Experiments

PP3 has been conducting science experiments this week involving separating solids.  
We have learnt about the importance of fair testing and how, changing our test equipment, we get different results. 
We observed how soil and sand can be separated from stones.





After School Activities

Our Extra-Curricular clubs are popular again.  This term the Acorn Club have been decorating plant pots to use for some summer seeds.
The children in After School Care have also enjoyed some artistic activities whilst waiting for older siblings to finish lessons.







Andy Warhol Art

In PP3 the children have been working with Mrs Glover on Andy Warhol.  Using our World War II theme the children have used advertisements and posters to create colourful, repetitive prints.  
The process involves tracing a chosen image onto polystyrene and making dents in the board.  This is then used as the printing block.  
The children used coloured printing inks and different coloured paper to create four repeated images.  The children really enjoyed the process and were over heard to say, “Whoa, that is epic!”.




The certificates on January 20th were presented to: 

  • Anna Lines for a super start to the term and super reading
  • Archie MacLelland for super similes
  • Solomon Foot-Tapping for incredible effort
  • Poppy Dinsdale for super maths work

The certificates on January 24th  were presented to:

  • Rose Wyvill for great effort with writing
  • George Marriott for lovely independent writing
  • William Biker for commitment in maths
  • Hector Pearce for super diary entry writing.


Happy Birthday - Freja Flooks

Events this week

U8 Football v Cundall Manor—Thursday 9th February

The match will start at 3.15pm and is away.  This will involve all boys in PP2 and PP3.  The children should be back at school for collection at approximately 5.30pm.

U8 Hockey v Cundall Manor—Thursday 9th February

The match will start at 3.15pm and is away.  This will involve all girls  in PP2 and PP3.  The children should be back at school for collection at approximately 5.30pm.

Finish for half-term holiday—Friday 10th February

Please note all classes will finish at 3.30pm and After School Care will not be available.