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Chocolate, cooking, climbing, cross country and lots of football 22/01/15

Chocolate, cooking, climbing, cross country and lots of football 22/01/15

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Chocolate game on Saturday Night

On Saturday night Mr. Barlow organised the chocolate game. This involved a race against the throw of a dice. If we threw a 6, we had to put on a hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves and then try and eat as much chocolate as possible with a knife and fork. We could keep eating until the next person rolled a 6.  Some of us managed to eat quite a lot of chocolate while the others struggled to throw a 6.

                        Harry Page and Theo Tomlinson










Wycombe Wanderers Football Club visit Aysgarth

We had the best day ever on the first Thursday of term when the Wycombe Wanderers came to Aysgarth. They spilt us into two groups to take part in some football workshops. During the workshops we practised some different skills and learned some new drills. Then at the end we came back together to play some matches in the sports hall. We learned lots and had great fun. Thank you to Mr Gawthorpe for organising such a wonderful opportunity for us all.

 Theo Tomlinson and Harry Page











Climbing Activity 

On Sunday morning Mr. Vivian took a group of us climbing in the sports hall. We warmed up and then we climbed and abseiled. After that we played silent ninja. This is a great game which involved Mr. Vivian wearing a blindfold and we had to climb sideways across the wall without letting him know where we were. He was throwing balls at us by listening to us.

We enjoyed the session and had lots of fun!

           George Couttie and Leo Pickersgill





Sunday Cooking 

On Sunday morning, after chapel Madame Rich organised a cooking activity in the boys' kitchen. This week we made chocolate muffins. Madame Rich gave us the Mary Berry recipe and we weighed out the ingredients. We then made the muffins and the best the part was eating them!

                Oliver Stone and William Kace





Valley Games on Sunday afternoon (Capture the Flag)

On Sunday afternoon Mr. Harmby organised a giant game of capture the flag and then a game of rugby in the valley. The teams were sorted by our heights and then we had to capture the flag from the other teams without them capturing ours. It was a good game and had us running around a lot. 

                      Leo Pickersgill and George Couttie





Saturday afternoon fell run in the Dales.

Saturday afternoon was a fun afternoon as some of us got to go up Penn Hill and run along some of the fell tracks. It was very windy and good exercise.

                Harry Page





Sedbergh Cross Country Winners (Again!)

Mr. MacLelland and Mr. Barlow took the Under 11 and Under 13 cross country teams to Sedbergh to take part in the Sedbergh run. Both teams ran really well with the U13 team coming 4th and the U11 team coming 1st With Barney Gawthorpe winning the junior race.


           Harry Page and Theo Tomlinson 






   U9A and U9B football match against Terrington Hall


U9A won 5-4

U9B lost 4-2











4th XI Football match against Cundall

Which Aysgarth won 5-0











Picture of the week

Henry Regis












Boys sent up for Good

Henry Jameson

Tom Manners

Alex Sizer

William Vane

Henry Scott

Casper Stone