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At Aysgarth we believe that one of our strengths is the acknowledgement that the pupils in our care all learn in different ways and have their own unique set of gifts and talents.  We believe that a classroom built around trust and encouragement, with positive relationships between staff and pupil is foremost in allowing our pupils to thrive and reach their full potential.  

We have a long and successful tradition in providing high quality care and education based on a strong set of values that are actively promoted.  Our curriculum is one means by which we support our pupils in developing their own understanding of our values in order to grow into adults able to lead fulfilling and positive lives.

In teaching our curriculum we aim to

  • Allow each individual child to flourish and reach their potential
  • Develop confidence, allowing each child to be effective communicators
  • Maintain a child’s natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn through the delivery of engaging lessons
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop their thinking skills
  • Provide a broad and balanced education
  • Provide appropriate teaching provision for each child dependent on their abilities, which involves the use of streaming and setting in the Prep School
  • Develop an appreciation in the children of their responsibilities to themselves and  others in our own and wider community, and the tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • Promote the importance of democracy and the rule of law
  • Ensure that all children are comfortable in the understanding and use of ICT

The academic subjects taught are: English, Maths, Science, French, History, Geography and Latin. In preparation for 13+ examination the syllabus for each subject is written by the Head of Department, in consultation with other teachers within the department, and based upon the ISEB Common Entrance syllabus.

Other subjects taught, though not examined at 13+, are Religious Education and Wellbeing, Music, Art, Information and Communication Technology, Physical Education, Craft & Design Technology, Drama and PSHCE. All departments include subject specialists.