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From the Head’s Office

There were sparks flying, high drama and excitement for PP3 yesterday when they ventured across to the Prep for a ‘Geology Rocks’ lesson with Mr Gaven.  The children were astounded by the differences in the rock samples, wowed by the fossils and both Miss Philips and Mr Gaven were impressed by their ability to apply their understanding of the planets to the rocks found on Earth.   A report and further photo’s can be found in the centre pages.

We look forward to welcoming those of you with boys in the Pre-Prep to a talk about moving up to the Prep School with Mr Goddard on Thursday afternoon.  This is open to parents with boys of any age, please contact Mrs Pinkney if you would like to attend. 

Please could I remind parents that any dogs on school grounds must be kept on a lead.  Please ensure any dog mess is cleared up and placed in one of the dustbins around school.  Thank you for helping us to keep our school grounds clean for the children to enjoy.  

With best wishes,

Susie Drake,  Head of Pre-Prep


Assembly theme for the week:  Honesty


Happy Birthday to: Matilda Baines,  Isabel Fall,  Nicol White, Gus Favell


Last week's certificates for Humility were presented to:

  • Serena Hudson
  • Nicol White
  • Evie-Skye Taffs
  • Tom Bland

These children's work was displayed on the Wall of Fame:

  • Bertie Bullas
  • Georgie Bell
  • Hector Pearce
  • Martha Pybus
  • Nell Biker
  • Henry Hollins

Dates for Your Diary

Thursday 21st May: PP2 Class Visit to Bolton Castle

* Thursday 21st May, 3.30pm: Mr Goddard’s presentation about moving to the Prep School

Friday 22nd May, 3.30pm:  All of Pre-Prep finish for Half Term

Monday 1st June: Pre-Prep resumes

* Tuesday 2nd June:  U8 Cricket and Rounders v Poklington (a)

Thursday 4th June: PP3 to Maths Challenge

Monday 8th June: PP3 to Prep School Arts Week Outing

Tuesday 9th June: Nursery to PP2 Step Up Morning

Tuesday 9th June: PP3 to Prep School Arts Week Activities

Wednesday 10th June: PP3 to Prep School Arts Week Activities

* Friday 12th June, 11.00-12.00: Nursery Sports Day

* Friday 12th June, 12.00-1.00: Pre-Prep Picnic Lunch for all Pre-Prep parents, bring your picnic, and enjoy lunch in the grounds

* Friday 12th June, 1.00: Reception to PP3 Sports Day

* Week beginning 15th June: Parent-Teacher Meeting this week

Thursday 18th June: PP3 to Queen Mary’s Activity Day

Monday 22nd June: Pre-Prep to watch 4th Form play

Tuesday 23rd June: Reception Visit to Studfold Farm 

* Wednesday 24th June, 4.00pm: Ballet Tea 

Thursday 25th June: PP1 Visit to Saltburn

Friday 26th June: PP3 to watch ‘Groovy Greeks’ at Darlington Civic Theatre

* Friday 26th June: APPA Strawberry Fayre

Wednesday 1st July: Pre-Prep Picnic Lunch (children only)

Thursday 2nd July: PP3 Trip to Carlton Lodge 

* Friday 3rd July, 11.00: End of Term Assembly

Friday 3rd July, 12.15: End of Term (lunch is not served on last day of term)

* Parents are welcome to attend these events.



Dragon Mathematics for PP2



PP2 have been doing some very practical maths this week.  They have used shapes to create a dragon in their classroom.

The dragon was then measured, analysed and recorded.  Tally charts and graphs were created to log all the different shapes that they could find.

Children all used mechanics and measuring to create their own dragon models that breathed ‘fire’ when they ‘opened’ their mouths.  If you ask the children they may tell you their secret in how they tamed their dragons!




PP3 visited Mr Gaven in Prep School to explore his ‘Remarkable Rocks’ collection. 

They looked at Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks and with a whizz, pop, flash and bang created iron.