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The English Department aims to encourage creativity, a love of reading, an appreciation of literature and high levels of technical accuracy and self-expression.

In the Junior School, boys follow the department’s own syllabus which, whilst it mirrors the National Curriculum and Literacy Strategy, also provides the flexibility necessary to both reinforce basic skills and stretch the most able. In Form Three, the syllabus moves beyond the National Curriculum in terms of the demands it makes of pupils and the range of literature it promotes. Support is of course available for those who need it.

By the time our boys begin preparing for Common Entrance in earnest they have gained experience of reading and writing about literature. In addition, they have learned and practised the technical skills necessary for the clear and articulate expression of their opinions and ideas.

An enthusiastic and motivated English staff provide a wide variety of opportunities for Aysgarth boys, such as

  • an annual Book Week
  • internal poetry reading competitions
  • author talks and workshops
  • theatre trips
  • junior and senior plays
  • debating

Boys are provided with regular opportunities to read every day. For most, this involves 30 minutes in the library and 20 minutes in bed before lights out.