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At Aysgarth School we believe that sport is for every individual and from an early age we try to harness fun and enjoyment from the range of activities on offer through expert tuition.

We strive for excellence with our top sportsman and teams who compete regionally and nationally whilst still providing the opportunity for all pupils to participate and improve at the level appropriate to them.

Developing life skills

Sport, of course, plays a key role in developing life skills. Teamwork, communication, testing ourselves to the limit, maintaining concentration and stamina are all important. It is also essential to keep young bodies fit and healthy as they grow. The skills developed at an early age can provide each individual with the ability to stay fit and healthy throughout life.

Facilities and opportunities for all

We have a variety of sports for pupils of all abilities; and our excellent facilities and the diverse skills of our highly trained staff enable us to offer a large number of activities for the children. We hope your child finds at least one absorbing interest from which he or she can derive that sense of achievement so vital to the development of self-confidence.