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Fantastic Story Boxes

Fantastic Story Boxes

Dear All,
It has been a pleasure to welcome the children back after half term and it is clear that some of you have been very busy over the week. It was wonderful to watch the plethora of WWII  projects produced by the PP3 children emerging from cars on Monday morning.  The range of ideas was truly inventive: from helmets and models to written accounts, recipes and food. Equally busy were the Reception class who had made some inspiring story boxes and Mrs Shaw has been greatly impressed by their imaginative language and ideas. Well done to all.
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Aysgarthian Run on Sunday, and looking even further forwards, watch out for the dates of the up and coming senior Prep school production of Bugsy Malone which promises to be highly entertaining.

With best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse

Happy Birthday

  • Ranulph Townrow
  • Penny Pybus


The certificates on 10th February were presented to: 

  • Jake Goodhart for number crunching
  • Penny Pybus for super writing
  • Serena Hudson for being an amazing artist
  • Ned Alton-Taylor for having fantastic concentration
  • Oscar Hill for being a super scientist




Modern Art Portraits

As the final stage of PP2’s study of different artists the children have created some wonderful self portraits in the style of Picasso.  Can you work out  who the pictures represent?














Self Portraits

PP1 have also been drawing self portraits.  They have chosen to use a more traditional style.  
It may be easier for you to work out who each picture is of with these portraits. 











WWII Projects

The children in PP3 have once again impressed us with their artistic flair and research skills. They have been working on projects at home based on our WWII topic and have produced some outstanding pieces of art, textiles, writing, PowerPoint presentations and even some tasty treats! 
Here are just some of the excellent projects shared over the last week. 
The rest can been seen on display in the PP3 classrooms, they are well worth a visit. 









Early Years News

Last week’s wow moments were ...

Ranulph Townrow for being a very entertaining in-house DJ 
Joshua Grimmett for trying hard all week.


As well as making their Story Boxes the Reception Class have also been busy out and about this week.  We have explored our environment to see how many patterns we could find around the school.  We found lots of repeating patterns and discovered that some of these were also symmetrical patterns.



Nursery have been busy thinking about spring and have enjoyed spending some time in Mr McGregor’s Garden looking for changes in the environment.  We found some shoots coming up and new buds on the trees. 

We have been filling pots, taking turns and planning what to grown in the pots.

Everyone hiding whilst Mrs Brown counts to 10.

Hello wiggly worm!