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Bonfire Night, Social with Queen Mary's School and Circus Skills 8-11-2015

Bonfire Night, Social with Queen Mary's School and Circus Skills 8-11-2015

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Social with Queen Mary's School

On Sunday, just after lunch, the Queen Mary's girls arrived for a social. The theme was developin our circus skills and then we played in the sports hall.

In the circus skills workshop, Ross the clown gave us a demonstration of some of the skills we would learn during the afternoon. He showed us how to juggle, how to diablo and spin plates.

Then we all had the chance to practise these skills and some of us were better at it than others.

Following this the different groups swapped over and we went to play dodgeball, which was fun.

The afternoon finished with tea in the dining room and a chance to chat with the girls before they left.

                                       Michael O'Callaghan and Sebastian Vanhoonacker



Circus Skills for the Juniors

     On Sunday morning there was a circus skills workshop with Ross the circus entertainer. He was dressed in a clown costume and taught us how to juggle, diablo and spin plates. It was good fun and we now know how to impress the girls by juggling oranges and if we are really brave...maybe eggs!

    Barnie Gawthorpe, Henry Scott and Alex Macdonald 





Bonfire Night

On Saturday evening there was a brief pause in the rain while we had our bonfire party. The kitchen had prepared lots of hotdogs, cakes and mulled wine for the parents. The evening started with a procession  of lanterns made by Mr. Smith's lantern makers. 

Then at 6 o'clock the fireworks were lit and we saw an amazing display accompanied Mr. Atherton and Mr. Gaven's music. Then the bonfire was lit by Mr. Francis and Mr. Wright. It was a good evening and it was great that the rain held off but there was a lot of mud!

Henry Scott, Alex Macdonald and Barnie Gawthorpe






Picture of the week

Harry Clarkson Webb









Boys Sent up for good work this week

Henry Riley-Smith

Henry Pruhoe x2

Freddie Strange

Josh Archibald

Yatish Bhardwaj

Rufus Pearce

Tom Roe

Nathan Shepard

Archie Webb

Max Best

 William Brooke x2

William Penty

Freddie Read

Alfie Smith