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Bowling, Cooking, Art, Football and a Play Rehersal 28/02/16

Bowling, Cooking, Art, Football and a Play Rehersal 28/02/16

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Form 3 go Ten Pin Bowling!


On Sunday Mr Bullas and Mr Chadwick took all of Form 3 to York to go bowling.  They had a fantastic time and enjoyed playing on the arcade machines.  The games were very close but the highest score was awarded to Mr Sweatlove!










Cooking on Sunday afternoon












Senior play rehersal of Midsummer's Night Dream











Art Workshop with Mrs Morse

We were lino printing fish onto paper that we had made a marble effect on.  We had to carve out a fish ship onto the lino and then role it with ink before printing onto the paper. We had great time listening to the radio and eating the cakes made by the boys who did cooking!


Henry Jameson








The senior SOS team played on Wednesday and had a great time.  We only managed to score one goal, in the wrong net!


We still had a very enjoyable day.












Picture Of The Week

Theo Tomlinson

Self Portrait














Sent Up For Good

Brown, Benjamin

Codrington, Kit

Goodrick, Ted

Jameson, Henry

Lunn, Henry

Price, William

Williams, Wilson

Barnes, George +2

Beltrame Garcia-Zarza, Mario

Bhardwaj, Yatish

Philpott, Rufus

Roe, Thomas

Shepard, Nathan

Whittaker, Thomas

Webb, Archie

Tomlinson, Theo

Best, Max

Cavadias, Harry

Gardiner, Henry

Hart, Ben

Hunter, Monty

Manners, Tom

Sizer, Alexander

Bailey, Thomas

Murray Wells, Freddie

Odusote, Olufiolabomi

Preston, Caedmon

Pybus, Wilfred

York, Charles