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Form 1 Cholmondeley Castle, Form 5 Shooting at Warren Gill and Cooking

Form 1 Cholmondeley Castle, Form 5 Shooting at Warren Gill and Cooking

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Form 1 Trip to

Cholmondeley Castle













Form 5 Shooting at Warren Gill

On Sunday two different groups travelled to Warren Gill for a clay pigeon shooting lessons. The first group went at 11 o'clock and shot for about one hour and then swapped with the second group who followed on at 12 o'clock.

While we were there we were split into small groups and had a go at shooting different traps from different pegs. After the shooting we came back to school for hot chocolate. It was a really good day.

Henry Regis and Inigo Garcia 




Junior Cooking

Miss Cross ran a cooking activity on Sunday morning in the boys kitchen. She provided chocolate chips, flour, sugar, vanilla extract, brown sugar, butter, salt and eggs. This meant we could bake chocolate cookies. Yum!

She gave us the instructions on a sheet of paper and we had to follow the instructions to make the cookies all by ourselves. 

After we had cooked them, we had to wait a couple of minutes for them to cool down... then we could eat them!

They were delicious!

Harry Bellamy and Ethan Iu




Sent Up For Good

Dutton-Burrows, Loïc

Couttie, George

Hendrie, William

Hotham, Merlin

Bellamy, Harry

Hollins, Henry

Duncombe, Thomas

Gawthorpe, Barnaby

Gawthorpe, Harry

Selby Boddy, Drake

Hope Barton, Arthur

Loughran, Benedict

Read, Billy

Rowe, Tyler

Morse, Harry