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Form 5 Leadership Day, Form 4 High ropes and Laser Quest and Cooking for forms 1,2 and 3

Form 5 Leadership Day, Form 4 High ropes and Laser Quest and Cooking for forms 1,2 and 3

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Form 5 Leadership Day

On Sunday morning all of the fifth form gathered on the concrete with Mr. Morse, Madame Pearson, Mr. Gaven and Mr. Bullas. We were looking forward to a busy day of actvities which involved us demonstrating our leadership and communication skills. We were split into six groups and each group had a go at each activty station for twenty minutes. There were different types of activities, inlcuding a blindfolded directing game where some of us were blindfolded sheep being directed to a pen. Another station was where there were eight cones on nine chairs and we had to move the yellow cones onto one side and the blue cones to the other side by moving each cone one chair each time. It was a great day and we enjoyed working through the challenges with our friends.

Barnie Gawthorpe and Caspar Stone



Form 4 High Ropes

On Sunday afternoon Mrs. Edgar and Mrs. Locke took us to the high ropes course at Camp Hill. Whe we got there we were given our harnesses and split into two groups. One group played football while the other group went up onto the high ropes course. Unfortunately we did get caught in a very heavy rain storm while we were up in the trees. It was great fun if not a little wet.

Charlie Read and Merlin Hotham




Forms 1,2,3 At Laser Quest

Mr. Tomlinson and Mr. Mason  took us to Planet Leisure for an afternoon playing laser quest. When we arrived we played on the arcades and then we went into the laser quest. We were given our guns, vests and targets. Alfie Couttie won the day's competition, scoring 1010 points. We really enjoyed it and we had lots of fun chasing each other around the staircases, tunnels and tubes.

Max Milbank and Will Macdonald




Form 1 and 2 Cooking

Sunday morning started with a cookery session with Mrs. Wiggins. We made pizzas. We had to make our own pizza dough, rolling it and then adding our favourite toppings. We put red peppers, pepperoni, tomatoes, and we put garlic in the tomato puree. We cooked them and they made a delicious lunch before we ventured to laser quest.

Will Macdonald and Max Milbank




The 5th Form Brave the Waterslide

On a lovely rainy Sunday afternoon we had the waterslide out. Mrs. MacLelland and some of the gap students ran the waterslide activity on the side of West lodge pitch. Although it was a little cold and wet, it was excellent fun and with lots of washing up liquid and the hosepipe the waterslide was running fast. We played with a rugby ball on it and tried to make passes while sliding down.  

Barnie Gawthorpe and Caspar Stone






Sent Up For Good

Anderson, George

Bailey, Oliver

Clarkson Webb, Harry

Faris-Wilson, Sebastian

Hendrie, William

Ito, Yuto

Ogden, Thomas

Bryant, Charles

Collier, Jude

Eddleston, William

Fall, Jack

Hanson, Spencer

Lawson-Tancred, Thomas

Macdonald of Sleat, William

Fothergill, George +2

Lane, Henry

Lowther, Flynn +2

Preston, Oliver

Scott, Henry

Read, Charlie

Preston, Caedmon

Morse, Harry

Evans, Harry

Hankins, George