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Rugby, Football, Cooking, Cricket, Bubbles and a Midsummer Night's Dream 20/03/16

Rugby, Football, Cooking, Cricket, Bubbles and a Midsummer Night's Dream 20/03/16

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Staff & Parents Touch Rugby 

On Sunday the parents and the staff played some touch rugby on a lovely Spring afternoon.  Early on the skill level was high but as the session progressed so did the number of mistakes!  A fun day for all.  Well done the BLACK team for winning the most matches.


Yorkshire Cricket Coach takes 1xt XI & U11A Session

     On Sunday afternoon Mr. Chadwick arranged for the England Under 16 coach to work with the 1st XI and the U11A teams in preparation for the forthcoming season. He got us to focus on the how we strike the ball and taught us some drills which will help us to practise the skills.

It was a really good session and we feel to start the cricket season.

                Charlie Langford and Jack Chafer


Senior Cooking


On Sunday after lunch Mrs. Tomlinson ran a cookery activity in the Boys' kitchen. We made chocolate crispie easter nest cakes.

Mrs. Tomlinson gave us the recipe and we had to weigh out the ingredients. We didn't have golden syrup so we used honey.  We melted the chocolate, butter and honey together and then we mixed the cornflakes in and then we put them into cases. We put them in the fridge to cool.

The best part was eating them...they were delicious!

Everyone likes to do cooking because we like eating what we make.

                                                                               Mario Beltrame William Wade 



Bubbles on Sunday


                Sarah organised a really fun activity on Sunday afternoon. She had brought lots of pack of bubbles. We ran around and made lots of bubbles and made bubble heaven! Sarah had a giant bubble maker and we made massive bubbles.

        Maxim Kondratiev and Teddy Cummins 


Junior & Senior Football Competition

At 11 o'clock on Sunday Mr. Barlow organised a senior and junior football tournament. We organised ourselves into teams with captains. Each game was 8   minutes long and the winning senior team was the suckers. 

           Jack Chafer and Charlie Langford

While the senior teams played on the astro turf, the junior teams battled it out in the sports hall. The games were 8 minutes long and Mr. Tomlinson ran the tournament. 

            Hamish Firth and William Eddleston


Fantastic Performance of Midsummer Night's Dream

         On Friday and Saturday evenings the fourth and fifth boys performed A midsummer night's dream to a full house. We have been working on the production for the last term and a half. It all came together on the nights and the guests enjoyed our performances. The funniest part was the final two scenes, when Freddie and Bas acted with humour. They got lots of laughs and the audience loved it.

  We have really enjoyed working together and with the teachers to create this production, especially big thanks to Mrs. Locke and Mr. Atherton for all their hard work and dedication. We would also like to thank Mrs. Edgar and her crew and the backstage helpers.

  We look forward to watching the production on DVD when it comes out.

                            Kit Codrington and Henry Lunn


Senior 7's throughtout the term


Last week Mr. MacLelland took the sevens team to Rosslyn Park for a rugby tournament. We played three matches  in our group and we won one game and lost two games. 

While we were down there we had an evening out and PIZZA! 

              Jack Chafer 




Sent Up For Good

Bailey, Oliver

Clarkson Webb, Harry

Couttie, George

Dunning, Ed

Falkingham, Freddie

Ford, Marcus

Gardiner, Henry

Hollins, Thomas

Hornyold-Strickland, Rufus

Jameson, Henry 2

Lawson-Tancred, Thomas

Lowe, Felix

Macdonald of Sleat, Alex

Manners, Tom 2

Murray Wells, Freddie

Palmer, Oliver

Pickersgill, Leo

Read, Charlie

Selby Boddy, Drake

Sizer, Alex

Sturgess, Bert

Vane, William

Williams, Wilson

Wood, George