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Generous Donations Revive Competitive Shooting at Aysgarth

Generous Donations Revive Competitive Shooting at Aysgarth

Aysgarth School has been able to revive competitive rifle shooting and join the Preparatory Schools Rifle Association thanks to the generous donations made by a number of old boys and friends of the School in its Annual Fund Appeal 2014/15.

In 2005, Aysgarth refurbished its indoor shooting range and re-established rifle shooting as a popular activity for the boys. In order to help re-establish shooting teams and compete against other schools, in the last year the Annual Fund Appeal (run by the Aysgarth School Foundation) raised money to help it with the equipment needed in order to compete. Aysgarth now boasts a 20 yard indoor range, two CZ 455/452 Deluxe .22 Rifles with Ironsights (10 round magazine, bolt action) plus shooting bags, electronic ear defense and spotting scopes.


As part of the Preparatory Schools Rifle Association, Aysgarth is planning on entering Senior and Junior teams (teams of eight) to take part in competitions against other schools as well as competing for pin badges and certificates. The qualifying scores for .22 rifle with 30 shots fired at three targets are: Mastershot (285 out of 300), Marksman (275 out of 300), First Class (260 out of 300) and Second Class (225 out of 300).

Chris Wood, head of activities at Aysgarth School said:

“We are delighted that we can now offer the boys the opportunity competitive shooting as an activity thanks to those who kindly donated money. We have had a lot of interest already throughout the school and there is definitely some very talented boys. It is an activity that has so much to offer the boys, teaching self-discipline, perseverance, mental toughness and focus. We are looking forward to entering the leagues and competitions the association has to offer.”

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