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Whether investigating flooding in Bangladesh, earthquakes in Italy, conservation in the Yorkshire Dales or industry in South Wales, no other subject provides such varied coverage of the wider world as Geography. In simple terms, it is a study of people and places; helping us learn about other cultures and environments, showing us how the physical landscape has developed and advising us on how we should interact with the environment. It also plays a vital role within the curriculum in helping pupils understand their role within the wider world and in time become responsible ‘global citizens’. The world around us is constantly changing – the study of Geography helps them to appreciate and explain these changes.

With the Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep, Aysgarth is in an enviable position from which we can easily access the great outdoors and learn about the physical landscape first hand and we aim to make the most of this resource at every opportunity. We are also blessed with extensive grounds that provide an excellent resource for study and lend themselves perfectly for OS mapwork, microclimate investigations and environmental impacts to name but a few.

In the lower end of the School, Geography comprises an element of the chosen study topic for that term. From Form 2, Geography is taught as a separate subject; the boys firstly investigate the fundamentals of the subject, before studying one human and one physical unit. In Form 3, we start the Common Entrance syllabus ready for the exams at the end of Form 5. Part of the assessment includes writing a 1000 word fieldwork assignment and for the past few years, this has been based on a field trip to the River Swale, where we have investigated a river meander.

Aims of the Aysgarth Geography Department:

  • To instil in the pupils a knowledge of the physical world around them and human interaction with it.
  • To encourage them to be inquisitive and open-minded about these interactions.
  • To give the children the skills required to understand them.
  • To encourage an enjoyment of the subject from which a real interest and concern will develop.
  • To equip the boys with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to cope confidently with whichever examination they are aiming for at the end of their Aysgarth career.