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Greek Myths and Learning how to Spin

Greek Myths and Learning how to Spin

From the Head’s Office

To their delight, PP3 enjoyed a double visit to Bowes museum last week and were able to gain so much from both their visits.  I was lucky enough to be able to join them on Thursday and was most impressed with the quality of the workshops, during which the children were able to use primary historical evidence to construct their ideas about Ancient Greece and begin to pose their own questions for investigation.  Enrapturing story-telling and the opportunity to construct their own Amphora pots too, made this visit an inspiring launch to their historical learning for the term.  (See the pictures in the centre pages.)

Children in PP 1 and 2 were transfixed by the spinning demonstration provided by Mrs Stanbridge yesterday.  They learnt about the different processes involved in changing fleece to wool and even had a try at spinning themselves!  It was fascinating to watch, with some of the children trying to understand the mechanisms of the spinning wheel and others watching the physical change of the wool.  See the pictures in the centre pages.)

We also look forward to welcoming Queen Mary’s here this afternoon for a netball training session with our PP3 girls, and looking outside, we are all very thankful that we will be able to use our lovely sports hall!

With best wishes,

Susie Drake,  Head of Pre-Prep

Happy Birthday: George Marriott, Freja Flooks

Assembly Theme for the Week: Determination

Last week’s certificates for Keeping Promises were presented to:

· Gus Favell

· Joshua Patterson

· Ned Alton-Taylor

· Flora Favell

These children’s work was displayed on the Wall of Fame:

· Anna Lines

· Bertie Bullas

· Oscar Hill

· All of PP3

These children joined Mrs Drake for Friday lunch:

· Jake Goodhart (Reception)

· Bertie Bullas (Blue)

· Buster Preston (Yellow)

· Pippa Ogden (Green)

· Archie MacLelland (Red)


Studying the Ancient Greeks

This week PP3 have begun their study of the myths and culture of Ancient Greece.

Miss Phillips introduced a debate to help Mr Morse decide whether to visit the City State of Sparta or the City State of Athens when he used his tardis time machine that he received for Christmas!

In order to inform their studies PP3 visited the Bowes Museum where they explored artefacts and Greek stories as well as making some Greek style clay pots.


Making amphora


                       The completed amphora waiting to be painted

PP1 and PP2—Study of Sheep—an afternoon of spinning with Mrs Stanbridge








Easter Holidays Sports Courses

For full details please see the email sent earlier today.

· Tuesday 29th March, 10-12.30pm (5-7 year old tennis) at Masham Tennis Club, cost £15.

· Monday 4th April, 10-4.00pm (U9 Cricket, Open to PP1,PP2 and PP3) at Aysgarth School.

· Tueday 5th-Thursday 7th April, 10-12pm (Pre Prep Tennis—open to PP1, PP2 and PP3) at Masham Tennis Club, cost £45 for the three days.

· Monday 11th April 10-4pm (U9 Tennis, open to PP1,PP2 and PP3) at Aysgarth School, cost £30.

To book places or if you have any questions please contact Mr MacLelland:

Menu—Week 3

· Tuesday—Lasange

· Wednesday—Meatloaf

· Thursday—Sweet and Sour Chicken

· Friday—Fish and Chips

· Monday—Chicken Pizzaiolla

Dates for Your Diary

* Monday 1st February: Parents ‘Big Lunch’

* Tuesday 2nd February: Football and Hockey matches v Richmond House (h)

· Thursday 4th February: Reception and PP1 visit to Seven Stories

· Sunday 7th February, 2.00pm: Aysgarthian Run

· Monday 8th February: PP1 and PP2 to visit Dales Countryside Museum

* Monday 8th February, 2.45-3.30pm: meeting about starting school for Nursery parents

* Tuesday 9th February: Netball Tournament at Queen Mary’s

· Friday 12th February, 3.30pm: School closes for half term

· Monday 22nd February, 8.45am: School re-opens

· Thursday 25th February: Concert by Bootham School.

* Week beginning 29th February: Reception, PP1, PP2, PP3 children competing in the Wensleydale Tournament—see email sent 24th November.

· Monday 29th February: PP1 and PP2—lambs visiting

· Tuesday 1st March: PP1 and PP2 Felting Workshop

· Tuesday 8th March: PP1 and PP2 day out with the Sheep Dogs at Hags Ghyll Farm

* Tuesday 8th March: Football and Hockey v Terrington (h)

· Thursday 17th March: Reception to National Railway Musuem

· Thursday 17th March: football and Hockey v Gateways (h)

· Thursday 17th March: please note that there is no Drama Club today.

* Wednesday 23rd March, 11.00am: Pre-Prep Spring Concert

· Wednesday 23rd March, 12.00pm: Pre-Prep Term Ends

* Wednesday 23rd March, 12.00pm: Easter Egg Hunt

* Parents are welcome to attend these events.