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A very Happy New Year from all at the Pre-Prep

A very Happy New Year from all at the Pre-Prep

From the Head’s Office

Dear Parents,

A very happy 2016 to you all!  We are looking forward to an action-packed term with many visitors to school and trips planned to enrich our curriculum.  Each teacher has prepared a short  summary of the terms themes and highlights which can be found on the inside of this edition of The  Acorn.   We can’t wait to get started!

I do hope you have all managed to stay dry at home, avoiding the flooding of recent weeks.  We  have made plans here in school to ensure the children can receive their daily dose of activity, even in  terrible weather, and will be making use of the sports hall whenever possible during wet playtimes and lunchtimes.  We are so fortunate to be able to access this facility as well as the swimming pool  and astro courts for sports lessons, but will endeavour to be outside when possible, so please ensure  your child is also suitably equipped with named wellingtons, a warm coat, hat and gloves.  We are  happy to help with waterproofs too if your child is of a particularly muddy disposition!

Mrs Pinkney has emailed out the form for bookings for the APPA lunch and we would also like to re-launch our class parent reps this term.  Please do come and speak to me if you are able to offer suggestions or expertise in this area.  

With best wishes,

Susie Drake,  Head of Pre-Prep

Dates for Your Diary

· Tuesday 19th January: PP3 to visit Bowes Museum

· Monday 25th January: Spinning demonstration for PP1 and PP2

* Tuesday 26th January: Netball match v Queen Mary’s (h)

* Monday 1st February: Parents ‘Big Lunch’ - all welcome for a school lunch with the children

* Tuesday 2nd February: Football and Hockey matches v Richmond House (h)

· Thursday 4th February: Reception and PP1 visit to Seven Stories

· Sunday 7th February, 2.00pm: Aysgarthian Run

· Tuesday 8th February: PP1 and PP2 to visit Dales Countryside Museum

* Tuesday 9th February: Netball Tournament at Queen Mary’s

· Friday 12th February, 3.30pm: School closes for half term

· Monday 22nd February, 8.45am: School re-opens

· Thursday 25th February: Concert by Bootham School.

* Week beginning 29th February: Reception, PP1, PP2, PP3 children competing in the Wensleydale Tournament—see email sent 24th November.

· Monday 29th February: PP1 and PP2—lambs visiting

· Tuesday 1st March: PP1 and PP2 Felting Workshop

· Tuesday 8th March: PP1 and PP2 day out with the Sheep Dogs at Hags Ghyll Farm

* Tuesday 8th March: Football and Hockey v Terrington (h)

· Thursday 17th March: Reception to National Railway Musuem

· Thursday 17th March: football and Hockey v Gateways (h)

· Thursday 17th March: please note that there is no Drama Club today.

* Wednesday 23rd March, 11.00am: Pre-Prep Spring Concert

· Wednesday 23rd March, 12.00pm: Pre-Prep Term Ends

* Wednesday 23rd March, 12.00pm: Easter Egg Hunt

* Parents are welcome to attend these events.


Our nursery class will be learning all about Spring this term, watching the bulbs that they planted  this Autumn begin to grow, looking for signs of Spring as they head out on adventures around the grounds and visiting Farmer Sid’s to see if he has any new arrivals at his farm.  We will be learning new nursery rhymes and whilst the weather is a little soggy, enjoying the opportunity to do lots of baking.  Instead of swimming this term, nursery children will be enjoying games in our super sports hall.  As well as gymnastics with Coach Su and music and movement with Mrs Wilson there are letter sound activities based alongside everyday creativity.



We are starting the new term with batteries charged and ready to learn! After a quick revision of last term's phonics we will learning more new sounds and using them for reading and writing - and there will be lots of opportunities for these as we immerse ourselves in the language of stories and rhymes, traditional and new. We are starting with the Gingerbread Man and will add the children’s interests and fascinations into the mix. We will be visiting Seven Stories in Newcastle, the National Centre for Children's Books, at the beginning of February. As well as enjoying the journey there, with views of the Angel of the North, the Baltic, the Sage and counting all the bridges over the Tyne, we will see their exhibitions, including Rhyme around the World, visit the story attic for story time and enjoy lots of interactive fun and learning. We will experience winter outside in the school grounds with our outdoor explorer afternoons, find out more about seasonal changes and the world around us, and check on the wildlife in our local environment. Maths work will have a focus on number, and we have lots new numicon activities to try. With gymnastics with  coach Su, music with Mrs Wilson and French and RE with Mrs Rawson, we have a VERY busy few weeks ahead.

Year 1 and 2

Our curriculum for Year 1 and 2 this term has been carefully planned to allow both classes to gain from the experiences and visits we have planned, whilst each follows their own curriculum objectives.  Our starting point is the question, “Are all sheep the same?” and shared experiences will include a felting workshop, spinning, cheese making and a farm visit.  Children will also be visiting the Dales Countryside Museum, where each class will follow their own programme for the day.  

Over the term,  Year 1 children will:

· Undertake a geographical study of the school grounds

· Learn about homes in the past 

· Classify types and explore the properties of materials

In Year 2, children will:

· Identify human and physical features of the Yorkshire Dales

· Learn about farming life in the Yorkshire Dales and identify changes over time

· Investigate changing materials to find reversible and irreversible changes

Year 1 will also be visiting “Seven Stories” in Newcastle to support their literacy work.

Year 3

Year 3 launches into space this term to learn about Earth, Space, Light and Shadows.   We will be  learning from Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Centre, carrying out our own observations, investigations and problem solving.  Topic work this term focuses on the Ancient Greeks, starting with detective work at the Bowes Museum, where we will look closely at Greek pottery and explore artwork linked to familiar Greek myths.  From here our topic will explore aspects of art, architecture, literature, politics, and Mathematics.  We also have a busy schedule of sports fixtures planned this term.