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Harry Potter Extravaganzer

Harry Potter Extravaganzer

Dear All,
As I am sure you are aware, the last few weeks have been packed full to the brim with all manner of activities and enjoyment and I will list just a few of those here.  The main focus of this missive is to give you an insight into all that has been happening during book week and, in particular, on Harry Potter day.
In the Prep School, our team of scholars entered the inaugural Sedbergh Prep Schools academic challenge and I am delighted to report that our 4th formers proved victorious. As if this wasn’t enough, our under 13 and under 11 cross country teams travelled to the Shrewsbury School National Prep Schools Competition and both teams returned as champions.
In the Pre-Prep, it has been a pleasure to see the children in action, both in and out of the classroom and they have been extremely busy on the rugby pitch, on the netball court, in the EYFS garden, throughout the grounds and then hard at work at their desks.
As the children arrived at school on Thursday morning they were greeted by all manner of magical creatures ranging from Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall through to witches, owls and dementors.
The day’s events included owl and falconry displays, potions making, camp craft, and of course the all important Quidditch matches.  Slotted into the mid part of the day was the house poetry recital, which was judged by visiting author Kit Peel.
The school looked absolutely fantastic and I must take this opportunity to thank Anna Tomlinson and all the staff who worked so hard to make the event such a success.  My thanks also go to the children who threw themselves into each activity with huge enthusiasm and, of course, to you for providing them with such a fantastic array of magical attire.
I hope that you enjoy the photos here; they provide a brief glimpse of the magic that has enthralled us all.
With all best wishes,  

Rob and Lottie Morse


The week ahead


PP1 class visit to Kiplin Hall—Monday 17th October

This will include a walk in the woods so don’t forget your school coat, school hat, waterproof trousers and wellington boots.


U8 Tag Rugby and Netball—Tuesday 18th October

At home against Chapter House starting at 2.30pm

Netball in the sports hall, tag rugby on the field nearest to Pre-Prep; followed by match tea at around 3.20pm.  Parents welcome to watch.


Drama Club cancelled—Thursday 20th October

After School Care available if required.


Start of Half Term—Friday 21st October

All classes will finish at 3.30pm

After School Care will finish at 4.00pm.



Don’t forget bonfire party on Saturday 5th November.



  • Jake Goodhart - for being thoughtful
  • Serena Hudson - for always being kind
  • Bertie  Bullas - for always being kind
  • Jemimah Vaux - for being kind
  • Alexander Storer - for working really hard

Happy Birthday Fiona Smith


Harry Potter ~Preparation 
PP1 and PP2 have been working hard all week on book themed activities.  Everyone in PP1 brought in their favourite book to share with the class.
PP1 and PP2 collected some particularly magical sticks which they turned into sparkly wands.  They have been practising their spells ever since.
PP2 also made their very own broomsticks.
They must have done a good job as it really looks as if they’re about to take off!



Potion Making
PP1 and PP2 have been busy making their own potions, chanting their spells and carefully measuring ingredients.
They also visited the  Science Lab, sorry Potions Dungeon, where some serious magical experimentation was taking place.








The Reception and Nursery Classrooms have been transformed into even more magical places of learning than normal.  All the children looked fantastic in their witch and wizard costumes, along with a few fairies, cats and even a spider.
The children joined the rest of Pre-Prep to watch an owl display in the Reynolds Hall and then tucked into a banquet in the transformed school dining room.