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History, sports, spring lambs, art and the Wensleydale Tournament - a very busy couple of weeks!

History, sports, spring lambs, art and the Wensleydale Tournament - a very busy couple of weeks!

Wensleydale Tournament 

34 children from Reception to PP3 took part in the Wensleydale Tournament of Music and Speech.  Everyone learnt a poem of their choice to recite on stage at the competition.  
They all performed very well and many of our children came in the top three in their group.
Class 1 - Reception age children - Freddie Wood - first; Josh Grimmett - second; Elizabeth (Beanie) Brown - joint third with a child from another school 
Class 2—PP1 age children - Romilly Foot-Tapping - first; Rose Wyvill - second; Penny Pybus and Samantha Crompton - joint third
Class 3—PP2 age children - Serena Hudson - first; Archie MacLelland - second 
Class 4—PP3 age children - Bella Bland - first; Isobel Fall and Poppy Dinsdale - joint second; Martha Pybus - joint third with a child from another school 
Class 4—PP3 age children - Oscar Hill and Hector Pearce shared prize for highest placed boy in that class.


Happy Birthday

Solomon Foot-Tapping

Flora Orde-Powlett
Serena Hudson
Gabe Collier
Alexander Wyvill
Isobel Heagerty
Chloe Atkinson
Hector Orde-Powlett



Football Match

On Tuesday 21st March we played football against Barnard Castle.  It as quite sunny and we played three matches.  Ned scored the most goals and I scored one goal and luckily we won.  It was quite a hard match.
Hector Pearce






Netball Festival

On Monday afternoon we went to Pocklington for a netball festival.  We played five matches against Pocklington A, Bramcote, Pocklington B, Terrington and Gateways.
We did really well and we won three games, drew one and lost one.
We all got medals.
Serena Hudson


Pre-Prep Gymnastics

Over the last two terms the children have worked hard at learning and developing their gymnastic and acrobatic skills.  
In Nursery and Reception we have been on many adventures, including zooming to the moon and helping the jolly Christmas postman.
PP1—PP3 have learnt about putting moves together and interpreting different music to build routines.
Everyone has really enjoyed using the fantastic new trampette!
It’s been a pleasure to watch every child develop their performance and gain confidence.
Coach Su


Easter Holiday Project

Yesterday we started thinking about Medieval shields and heraldry.  Everyone in PP1, PP2 and PP3 has been set the challenge of designing a heraldic shield or coat of arms to represent their house.

The colour of the houses in Pre-Prep match the colours of the four houses in the Prep School.  The houses in the Prep School also have names:  Red is Spartans; Corinthians are green; blue is for Athenians and Thebans are yellow.

Can you find out some information about what these names mean?  Can you include something to represent this in your design?

The best design for each house will be used to make a banner to represent that house in the tournament at our Medieval Summer Fayre on Friday 30th June.  We will also make everyone in PP1, PP2 and PP3 a house tabard with the coat of arms on the front to wear at Sports Day on Friday 16th June.




The certificates on 17th March were presented to: 

  • Flora Orde-Powlett for a super story.
  • Penny Pybus for practising her reading.
  • Serena Hudson for her super book.
  • Jemimah Vaux for superb maths.
  • Hector Pearce for his focus and being a good example.


The certificates on 24th March were presented to: 

  • Jake Goodhart for working hard with reading.
  • George Marriott for being brave.
  • Harry Baxter for having a positive attitude.
  • Jemimah Vaux for her maturity and effort.

Making a bug house in the playground.  The design included all ‘mod-cons’ and there is even a bug swing!









World War II  Presentation

My daddy came over to Aysgarth School and did a talk about WWII.  He brought coats the fliers would have used during the war.  He came with boots that you could have cut the thread and turn the boots into shoes.  He also brought a life jacket from the pilot jumping out of the plane and parachuting down.  He brought WWII binoculars and hats.  He showed us a picture of my great grandpa in a spitfire as well.  We had so much fun.  By Jemimah Vaux.


A history lesson

PP1 and PP2 have been studying the history of our school this term and thoroughly enjoyed a talk from Mr Haslam.  They were able to look at many artefacts from the school’s past.












The PP3 classes have been working on pieces of collaborative art work since half term.  Inspired by Georges Seurat’s Pointillism style Mrs Glover has helped each person to paint a section of the picture on to a tile.  When mounted together the picture titled 'The Seine at La Grande Jatte' 1888 is reproduced. 


Early Years News

Nursery have had their thinking caps on this week.  They’ve been thinking about their environment and what they can hear and feel.  They have also been thinking about how to solve problems and puzzles.




Keeping the beat

Thinking how to make the kite stronger

What can we feel and hear?

What's the time Mr Wolf?



The Reception class have been busy learning about spring festivals.   They collected twigs from Mr McGregor’s Garden to make an Easter tree.  They then enjoyed decorating it.

Last week’s wow moments ...

  • Sebastian Stocken for adapting his kite to survive the winds.
  • Roko Lowe for sharing.
  • Michael Murphy for continually being polite.
  • Beanie Brown for magical maths.
  • Freddie Wood for magical maths.
  • Eve Carpenter-Collins for 
  • enthusiasm and motivation.
  • Fiona Smith for having a positive attitude.
  • Chloe for bravery.
  • Josh for progress in writing.