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Brymor Ice Cream, Warhammer and a weekend of Steak! 05-02-2017

Brymor Ice Cream, Warhammer and a weekend of Steak! 05-02-2017

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Forms 1, 2 & 3 all go to Brymor Icecream for a Sunday afternoon treat.

On Sunday Mr Barlow and the Gappers took us the Brymor Ice-cream.  I (Alec Waugh) had honeycombed ice-cream in a chocolate cone.  It was really nice.  There were so many flavours to choose from and they all looked so nice.  Mint Choc Chip was the most popular!







Mr Irwin cooks steak for some lucky boys!

This has been a weekend of steak!  On Saturday night the kitchens cooked steak (with all the trimmings) for all the boarders. Then on Sunday afternoon we had the opportunity to cook sirloin steak with Mr Irwin. He taught us the different types of steak and we could choose how we cooked it (well done, medium, rare and blue).

We also cooked some chips and onion rings to go with our steak and then, the best bit, we ate them! 


Warhammer Trip with Mr Smith

On Sunday morning Mr Smith took 13 boys to the Warhammer show in York. It was great fun because we got to either play games or buy lots of different models.  I (Oliver Ibbetson) bought a massive tank with my money.  Johnny Fielden also bought a tank like mine and some figures. Blood Angels were a popular buy amongst the boys and Mr Smith bought some strange looking civil war figures for the boys back at school.  





Sent Up For Good

Clemens, Henry

Codrington, Kit

Hotham, Merlin

Hendrie, William

Styles, William

Williams, Wilson

Bhardwaj, Yatish

Philpott, Rufus

Shepard, Nathan

Sowunmi, David

Fothergill, George

Lane, Henry

Selby Boddy, Drake

Bailey, Thomas

Falkingham, Freddie

Pybus, Wilfred +2