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Irish Night, Soccer, Fishing & Lots of Fun!

Irish Night, Soccer, Fishing & Lots of Fun!

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Irish Night


Check out some wonderful singing and Irish dancing! 

On Saturday night we had an Irish night in school. The evening started with a tea, which was steak and guinness pie followed by special ice-cream. Then we danced and sang lots of songs. We had a dancing competition which we won and then we had lots of competitions and games, including one of our favourites which is the malteser game. This game involves picking up maltesers using chopsticks and if you drop one you have to give the chopsticks to the next person. We all dressed up for the evening in Irish costumes, including leprechauns and priests. 

It was a really fun evening and the oppportunity to win lots of tuck. We really hope to have another weekend party like this but with different theme and different costumes.

Jack Whittaker and Juan Herranz


On Sunday we went to Kilnsey fish farm with Mr. Irwin and Mr. Bullas. When we got there we got of the bus and we were given our rods and we had to wear safety goggles. We used sweetcorn as bait. When we had caught them we had to use a priest to bash them on the head. I got the man to kill my fish. I caught the biggest fish in the pond, it had escaped from another pond. At the end the men gutted the fish for us and we brought them home and we have put them in the school freezer. It was a fun day and we enjoyed it.

George Couttie