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Laser Quest and Lots of Cooking 22-01-2017

Laser Quest and Lots of Cooking 22-01-2017

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Laser Quest

On Sunday Mr. Vivian, Mrs. Martin and Mr. Carey-Foster took a group of twenty one boys to Laser Quest at Planet Leisure.

When we got there we watched a video to tell us how to use the guns and safety rules. 

Then we played two rounds and you play the game solo, although some of us got into teams. In our teams we tried to hide and then ambushed the others. There was loads of dry ice smoke and it made it hard to see what was happening at times.

It was really fun and we look forward to another trip there again sometime.

                           Teddy Cummins and Jenkyn Keigwin




Form 4 Cooking

   Mrs. Glover took a cookery group on Sunday afternoon in the boys' kitchen. We made orange chocolate chip cookies.

   First we had mix the sugar and butter until it was creamy and then we stirred the flour and the orange zest. Then we made it into a cookie dough and added chocolate chips.

Then we rolled them into small balls and squashed them slightly with a fork. After that we put them in the oven for ten minutes. Then we got to eat them!  Yummy!

        Drake Selby Boddy and Harry Clarkson Webb 


Form 5 Cooking

  Madamme Pearson took a group of us cooking in the boys' kitchen on Sunday morning. We made a savoury french pastry dish which included camembert cheese and bacon lardons. 

First we cut the cheese in half and placed one half on the puff pastry and we then cooked the bacon. The bacon lardons went on top of one half of the cheese and once we had done that we placed a thin layer of sliced potato. Finally we put the ssecond half of the cheese on top and then folded the pastry over and put it in the oven.

When it had cooked we shared it and had it for lunch. It was delicious!

                              Max Best



Range Shooting

  Sunday afternoon there was a shooting activity in the shooting range run by Mr. Wood. We were shooting the .22 rifles down the range at targets.

  We shoot lying down and in our final session with Mr. Wood we shot without rests supporting the guns. This makes it increasingly harder to be accurate and we succeeded in shooting well.  

  Ted Goodrick will be awarded a rifle shooting badge for consistently good shooting in school. 

   It was a great afternoon and took a lot of concentration to stay focused.

       Ted Goodrick and Max Best













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