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5th Form Leadership Day, 3rd & 4th Form High Ropes & Walking and Ice Cream 18-09-2016

5th Form Leadership Day, 3rd & 4th Form High Ropes & Walking and Ice Cream 18-09-2016

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5th Form Leadership Day

On Sunday all the boys in Form 5 took part in a leadership day to prove to the teachers that we are good leaders.

We were split into six groups and each group worked around six activities which were led different members of staff and Mr. Barnard.

Each activity involved us working as a team and listening to each other.

The activities ranged from being blindfolded and being guided by a team member using a pan and wooden spoon to problem solving in the swimming pool.

At the end of the day we found out which team had won, this year it was team 4 and there were some school records broken. Mr. Gaven's activity was completed this year which is the first time in four years a team has managed to finish the challenge.

It was a good day and we enjoyed completing all the challenges in the sunshine.

                                     Ben Hart and Kit Codrington



4th Form Boys Walking in the Dales

On Saturday afternoon Mr. Wood and Mr Tomlinson took a group of fourth form boys walking in the Dales.

We set off Saturday afternoon and made camp at a campsite which meant a nine mile walk. When we got there we put up the tents and we made pasta in tomato sauce with frankfurters cooked on camping stoves.The evening ended with ghost stories and hot chocolate.

The next morning some of the boys had to return to school to sing in chapel while the rest of us went on a twelve mile walk. We were followed for quite away by a stray dog that wanted to join us. Then we met the minibus and we gave the stray dog to a farmer.

It was a good weekend and we were very lucky with the weather, although it was cold in the tents at night.

                                                    Oliver Martin and George Hankins


4th Form High Ropes

On Sunday boys in Forms 3 & 4 went to High Ropes at Camp Hill. So we got back from our camping and walking trip and then had a roast lunch and then we set off again to Camp Hill for an afternoon at Aerial Extreme. When we got there we had a safety talk and then put on our harnesses. We then got stuck straight into the course. At the end of the course there was a massive zipwire. As we went down the wire we all did funny poses for the camera.

After such an action packed weekend we now have very achy legs.

    Oliver Martin and George Hankins



Trip to Brymoor Ice Cream

The boys in the Junior Boarding House on Sunday went to Brymoor Ice cream palour with Mrs Morse & Mrs MacLelland. After lunch at half past two we got on the school minibus and went to Brymor for ice cream. We got to choose from more than twenty five flavours of ice cream. We chose chocolate and vanilla with toffee.

After our ice creams we were allowed to spend some time playing on the big climbing frames before going back to school. We had the perfect ice cream eating weather.

           Sam Bartle and Teddy Cummins




                          Regis, Henry                              

                        Martin, Oliver                            

                           Ogden, Thomas                          

                           Archibald, Joshua                      

                          Fall, Jack                                  

                           Fielden, John                             

                            Sirotenko, Bogdan                       

                              Baranovskiy, Stepan                     

                             Gaffaney, Matthew +2                  

                              Gawthorpe, Barnaby                     

                          Lowther, Flynn                           

                         Marshall, Harry                          

                          Stembridge, Harry                       

                          Bulman, Freddie                          

                         Watson, Bobby                           

                       Scott, Henry