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Learning about Diwali

Learning about Diwali

Dear All,
A busy week has been had by all and the work has ranged from maps and fireworks, to Diwali and Christmas! The Pre Prep have been royally entertained on two occasions by the Prep school boys; they enjoyed a preview of both the 3rd form presentation of a 'Rooster Rag' prior to their concert today, and the dress rehearsal of 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. They loved the nasty farmers, the dancing geese and those wily foxes.
Once again, Christmas is approaching all too quickly and on the back of this edition there are details of our busy programme of events. The children have started to read through scripts and rehearsals begin in earnest for our nativity play next week, it promises to be entertaining with some added glitz and glamour this year!
As ever many thanks for continuing to support your children throughout this busy time of the year and we look forward eagerly, to all our up and coming events; it promises to be an exciting end of term. 
With all best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse

Mapping and programming

In PP1 and PP2 we have been looking at maps and directions.

The children in PP2  made their own giant beebot map and then directed the beetbots by programming instructions to make them move from one geographical feature to another.





Friday is Gymnastics day and all the children here on a Friday enjoy their session with Coach Su.


This week's certificates were presented to:

  • Penny Pybus—for writing a lovely snow poem
  • Samantha Crompton—for writing a lovely snow poem
  • Archie MacLelland—remembering
  • Harry Palmer-Jones—for super writing
  • Oscar Hill—for staying focused
  • Hector Orde-Powlett—for great contributions to class discussions.

by Poppy Dinsdale
On Wednesday we played a match against Queen Mary’s School.  It was a 5-a-side match for under 8s.  We won with a score of 9-0.  All goal shooters scored at least one goal.  It was fun.  Everyone enjoyed it.  After that we went over to the dining hall to have some sandwiches and yummy doughnuts.

U8 Tag Rugby  

by Solomon Foot-Tapping

We played tag rugby against Terrington Hall on 16 November.  It was an away game.  It was very fun and I remember Ned scored a brilliant try.  For match tea we had chips and sausages.  

The score was 13-13.

Early Years News

There have been lots of firework words to describe the sounds and colours made by the explosions.  The children made some brilliant ‘fireworks’ in the plastic bottles which were sent home last Friday.  Everyone has been busy creating a firework collage including 3D shapes and lots of colour mixing.  Do pop into Early Years to look at the display—the original art work is always better than the reproduction, even in the best of galleries!

We were also delighted to have a visit from some fairies this week.  

They left us a ‘f’ themed afternoon snack with fairy fruit and fairy cakes.  They left us some fairy and elf dolls to play with and we have also been creating our own dancing fairy puppets.  They were very good at dancing and Fenella’s fairy even made it onto ‘Strictly Come Dancing’!  When we asked how the fairy had got on Fenella said, ‘Darling, awful: 4!!’