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Little Shop of Horrors, Football & Battle of the Dorms

Little Shop of Horrors, Football & Battle of the Dorms

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Battle of the Dorms

On Sunday morning in the sports hall, all the boarders took part in a pillow fight tournament. The dorms were grouped into gappers, first form, juniors and seniors. The dorm fights were organised  into a knock out competition. Each fight lasted three minutes and you had to stay on the mat. If you got knocked down or stepped off the mats then you were out. This way of scoring points.

The senior competition was won by dorms 5 and 8 together.

The juniors competition was won by dorm 18.

The first form winner was dorm 3.

It was lots of fun but really tiring. At the end each year had a rumble as an one on one.

William Kace and Jack Chafer 


Little Shop of Horrors


On Friday and Saturday night the fourth and fifth, with two third formers performed the Little shop of horrors to a full theatre. After weeks of rehearsing we enjoyed performing to our friends and family. It was  organised and directed by Mrs. Locke and Mr. Atherton. Mr. Goddard thanked lots of people for all their hard work. 

It was great fun and we  can't wait to see what Mrs. Locke decides we will do next year.

Felix Duguid and Daniel Sowunmi


Football Match

On Friday afternoon the staff played a football match against the 1st XI team on the Hostel pitch. The game started  with Mr. Maitland scoring an early goal, much the frustration of the fans. The 1st XI did not let this deter from the performance and they equalised with Archie Senior scoring, prompting a pitch invasion by the supporters.

However the staff team were determined not to lose, with Mr. Maitland and Mr. Hatton scoring. This meant the game finished 3-1.

It was a great occasion and a wonderful afternoon, with lots of positive for the 1st XI.

Timmy Lawson-Tancred and Ivan Burnell