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Lots and lots of cycling,  golf and some cooking! 01/05/2016

Lots and lots of cycling,  golf and some cooking! 01/05/2016

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Mountain Biking in the Yorkshire Dales


On Sunday Mr. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.  Locke and Mr. Hughes took a group of us mountain biking. We left school at 11 o'clock after chapel and we returned at about 2 o'clock. 

We loaded our bikes into the school trailer and set off in the minibus up into the Dales, above Reeth. When we got there we unloaded our bikes and had a picnic lunch before setting off along the road and reaching the tracks.

We cycled 3.6 miles along mainly grass tracks. Some of the tracks were quite steep and took a lot of effort. On the steepest track we had a hill climb competition. The winner was the fastest one up the hill and Francis won it. 

It was a great afternoon and very enjoyable. The weather just about held for us and we only had a little bit of rain at the end.


                     Francis Boissier and William Price






Boys go to watch the Tour de Yorkshire


On Sunday we left school at 11 o'clock with Mr. Chadwick and Miss.C. to watch the Tour de Yorkshire. We went in the school car to Northallerton.

We waited for an hour and watched the cyclists come past. Then we went to macDonalds for lunch.


    Henry Gardiner and Yatish Bhardwaj






Anyone for Golf?

On Sunday there was the junior parent and son tennis tournament, unfortunately the weather was not very kind and it rained most of the morning but everyone still had fun. By the afternoon the sun came out and there was some good tennis to finish the tournament.

The runners up were Josh Archibald and Mr. Archibald and the winners were Henry Regis and Mr. Regis.

Everyone had a great day and we all had picnics afterwards.

           Henry Regis and Barnie Gawthorpe












Swinton Cooking Course for Boys in Form 4

Every Thurday night this term a group of Form Four boys go to Swinton for a cookery  lesson with Steve Bulmer. Over weeks we are learning to cook all sorts of things such pasta, scones and brownies.

We are learning lots of different techniques in the kitchen and the best part is you get to eat what you make!

             Nathan Shepard and Yatish Bhardwaj 





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Kes Selby Boddy













Sent Up For Good

Patrick Tallentire

William Wade

Oliver Preston

Maxim Kondratyev

Kes Selby Boddy