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Mars attack, campfires and marshmallows, the pillow fight and lots of fun at the weekend 11-10-15

Mars attack, campfires and marshmallows, the pillow fight and lots of fun at the weekend 11-10-15


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On Sunday afternoon Mr. Barlow and Sarah and Miss. A. took a group of us to Brymor Ice cream factory. When we arrived we looked at the board and tried to decide what flavours we wanted. There were a lot of flavours!

In the end I chose honeycomb and cinderella, made with cinder toffee and it was in a chocolate coated waffle cone. It was very yummy. 

                                 Ted Goodrick




   On Saturday night Mr. Barlow and Miss. A. and Mr. and Mrs. Morse took us out into the valley to build bonfires and toast marshmallows. We also made barbeque bananas in tinfoil, we put mini marsbars in side them and cooked them on our fires.

   After that we ate our cooked bananas and then we put the fires out. 

   Then we all get ready for Mars Attack and met the teachers on the concrete. All the staff came dressed as aliens, then Mr. Morse came out in a frog costume.

  Then we all went to West Lodge pavillion and waited for Mr. Barlow to let us go. It was the teachers' job to catch us and our aim was to get to the library without being caught. All those that survived were rewarded with an extra scoop of ice cream if we made it. 

                                                                                 Monty Hunter




On Sunday morning as we were all getting dressed after breakfast, a massive pillow fight started on the middle landing. Mr. Barlow and Mr. Morse joined in and the boys obviously changed their aim and directed all their energy at Mr. Morse and Mr. Barlow. All the boys from the top and bottom landings also joined in and it was eventually over when Mr. Morse and Mr. Barlow were defeated.

            Kit Codrington







            Saturday evening's meal was a chinese themed supper. We had noodles with a lot of vegetables, meat with sauce and prawn crackers. We were all given a pair of chopsticks and this made eating more challenging! Mr. Morse demonstrated that he is a dab hand with the chopsticks.

                 Ted Goodrick







 1st xv Rugby match

         won 48-0












Cross country runners with the u9 and u11 coming 1st in their age groups









Picture of the week

Rufus Pearce









Boys Sent up for good this week

  1. Oliver Martin
  2. George Barnes
  3. Bobby Watson
  4. Oliver Cadoganx2
  5. Jaime Rabassa Gonzalez
  6. Mario Beltrame Garcia-Zarza
  7. Rufus Philpottx2
  8. Sam Bartle
  9. Harry Marshall
  10. Mathew Gaffneyx2