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Lots of scary rides and wild animals!

Lots of scary rides and wild animals!

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On Sunday 112 boarders travelled to Flamingo Land for a day of fast rides and scary animals.  There were no queues so we go to go on all the rides loads of times which made us feel a little sick!  When we went to bed that night it was strange as we felt we were still on the rides.  Another fantastic Sunday, thank you to all the staff who took us.




Well done to the U11 X-Country team who won the National X-Country Championship at Shrewsbury School last week.




Art Competion Winners




Form 4,5 Winner

Edward Hamilton









Form 1,2,3 Winner

Henry Jameson







Pre-Pre winner

Nell Biker

















Family and Friends Winner

Mark Falkingham

Sent up for good this week

William Wallace

Oliver Cadogan

Michael O'Callaghan

Wilfred Pybus